Certes Technologies Wows Them at infoComm15

Certes Technologies introduced the PentaClass wireless omnidirectional Bluetooth Speaker System and wireless HD Microphone to everyone at the 2015 infoComm Exhibition.
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From the 17th to the 19th of June, Certes Technologies presented the PentaClass System and its new wireless Microphone to the Americas in Orlando, Florida.

The reception was nothing less than fantastic.

The PentaClass System was demonstrated for distributors, sales representatives, school administrators, IT professionals and even those who would like to copy it.

Professionals came from all over the world to infoComm15 and told us that PentaClass was truly one of the only unique products at the show. We received nothing but very positive feedback and the highest praise from everyone.

Certes Technologies will now be able to start selling and shipping the PentaClass System to the USA and South America beginning in the autumn of this year. We are very excited about these new possibilities.

We would also like to thank Elmo USA for their terrific support before, during and after the show. Now available on YouTube is a short video by Rave staring an Elmo USA executive describing the PentaClass System. Check it out.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMmsiP1yyqA

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