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Opticis_S-VIDEO/Composite video to one(1) fiber DVI converter, SVDF-200

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OPTICIS single-format converter, SVDF-200 can accept S-video / Composite video signal as an input and convert it to one (1) fiber DVI signal (any of two formats that connected to input port will be converted). With powerful OPTICIS fiber-optic technology, SVDF-200 is capable of driving uncompressed SXGA (1280x1024) @ 60Hz signal up to 500 meters (1640 feet) over one (1) SC multi-mode fiber. To recover electrical DVI signal, DVFX-100-R is used as a receiver.

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- Accepts S-video / Composite video and converts it into one (1) fiber DVI.

- Transmits signal up to 500m over SC multi-mode fiber.

- Be mountable in 19” 1RU rack (up to 4 units with OPSCR-1U).

- Provides mounting bracket (model name: OPSCB) complying with VESA 75, 100 standards to be attached on various places.

- Has Loop-through output for on-site monitoring.

- Has Locking type DC power supplier.

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