REELEX Packaging Solutions Signs 4 New Licensees 1H 2015

The result of a successful "anti-knockoff" campaign, more low-voltage bulk wire cartons now incorporate REELEX technology, making wire-pulls easier.
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Patterson, NY - July 7, 2015 - Earlier in the year, REELEX Packaging Solutions, provider and licensor of the REELEX tangle- and twist-free package for wire and cable, embarked on an anti-counterfeit campaign aimed at educating installers of the perils of using knock-off REELEX packaging systems and non-compliant cables. Their campaign featured an interesting video explaining the REELEX figure-8 wind and unique payout mouth including a side-by-side of a REELEX box vs. a failing knock-off. See that video here:

The campaign was so successful that REELEX today announced 4 new licensees have come onboard the first half of 2015. According to REELEX Vice President of Business Development Timothy Copp, never before in the company’s 1H history have this many licensees come onboard. Copp attributes improvements in the global economy and a successful anti-knockoff education effort aimed at differentiating genuine REELEX from imitators, as catalysts. 

“Our ongoing anti-counterfeit campaign is aimed at increasing recognition of knockoff packaging versus genuine REELEX,” says Copp. “End-users are becoming more aware that products in genuine REELEX packaging are far less prone to tangles, knots and damage to the product, and are demanding that their suppliers provide them with products in stress-free packaging. This, in conjunction with our technology being protected by patents and trademarks, we believe is having a positive effect in expanding the use of REELEX versus knockoff alternatives.”

REELEX technology is a proprietary method of coiling wire or cable into a precision-wound figure-eight pattern. The coil dispenses from the inside-out without twists, tangles or inertia and is widely used to package low-voltage cabling products. Licensees sign an agreement to use REELEX packaging technology via specialty coiling equipment designed and manufactured by REELEX Packaging Solutions. Licensees are also obligated to print the REELEX trademark on genuine packages containing REELEX technology. 

REELEX Trademark Logos Signifying Genuine REELEX Packaging:

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The four new members of the REELEX family are: Zhaolong (Zhejiang Zhaolong Cable), ZTC (Zhangjiagang Twentsche Cable), Sandmartin Electronic and The Siemon Company.

For a complete list of genuine REELEX licensees, their countries of origin and what year they joined, please visit

A privately-held company, REELEX Packaging Solutions (formerly Windings, Inc.) is the creator of the REELEX packaging system. Sometimes known as a "pull box" package, REELEX® is a patented method of winding cable or any cord-like product in such a way as to result in a reel-less, self-supporting coil. This unique coil dispenses from the inside-out without twists, tangles, snags or overruns. Sold under various brand names by the world's leading wire and cable manufacturers, REELEX has become the standard packaging system for "last-mile" lengths of structured cabling such as Category 5e, Category 6, and Coaxial cables, and is quickly becoming the preferred package for many other types of products like fiber optics, building wire, plastic tubing, and more. REELEX benefits every component in the supply chain, as the packages are easy to handle, stack and palletize, are lighter than reels and spools and are environmentally friendly. The company develops and supports every aspect of REELEX, from packaging supplies to machine manufacturing to global service and support.