RTS RVON Used by Major US TV Sports Network to Broadcast Australian Open

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Melbourne, Australia

A major international TV sports network used the new

RTS RVON-8 Voice over Internet Protocol card

to assist in broadcasting the 2004 Australian Open Tennis Championship, which ran from January 19th to February 1st. The network’s 136X136

ADAM frames

in Melbourne, Australia, and at network headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, were connected via the

RTS Intelligent Trunking System



, allowing users to speak directly or communicate (via remote or

virtual keypanel

) with anyone on the personnel list at network headquarters at the press of a key. Both systems used 2

RTS RVON-8 cards


Installed directly into

ADAM Intercom Systems

, the

RVON-8 card

expands the connectivity to the

ADAM intercom

by supporting 8 individually addressable audio channels (ports) in and out. Each channel has configurable network and bandwidth parameters that can be tailored to individual network functions, as well as ancillary data for




control. As with all

ADAM intercom

family products, the

RVON-8 card

supports all standard hot swappable and configurable software. The


uses standard Ethernet protocols and is compatible with all Ethernet compliant devices and networks. With


configurations the user has the ability to adjust the audio quality of the

matrix intercom

to the available bandwidth on the network. The

RVON-8 card

can simultaneously feed




as well as various other

matrix intercom panels


Chuck Roberts of RTS & Telex System Support commented: “Both ends liked the audio quality and the versatility of the system, especially as being able to select the right person (or persons) and talk to them clearly with no delay issues (


uses 64-


per-channel Codec) saves time and money. People can easily visit the Web for fast global coverage of sports events.


enables international TV broadcast communications to be just as accurate and immediately informed using



For more information, visit the RTS Intercom website:



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