Speco Technologies 160W Four Zone Commercial Matrix Amplifier

The PL200M offers a set of features unique to the industry.
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The PL200M is a true matrix unit, and offers 5 inputs that can be independently routed to
4 separate zones simultaneously.  Assigning a source to a zone is as simple as pressing a button
on the front panel and each source has its own separate gain, treble, bass and volume controls.

A high degree of engineering went into this unit, and it can accomplish in a very cost-effective
manner what formerly required a high-end digital system or multiple amplifiers.

Matrix amplifiers are ideal in installations that require multiple sources to be played at the same time in multiple zones.  
A few of the possible locations include Hotels, bars/restaurants, tanning salons, and gymnasiums – 
in addition to traditional office environments. For more information visit specotech.com



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