Kramer Electronics SPK-CCF848 ESD

A ceiling speaker from Kramer. 11/22/2011 10:17 AM Eastern

Kramer Electronics SPK-CCF848 ESD

Nov 22, 2011 3:17 PM

Kramer Electronics SPK-CCF848 ESD

Kramer Electronics has introduced the SPK-CCF848 ESD (Equal Sound Dispersion) ceiling speaker. The SPK-CCF848 ESD ceiling speaker comes in a PRO version for the professional video market or an EDU version, for the educational market, in eight different configurations of stereo or mono, full-tile, or half-tile versions. The SPK-CCF848 also features built−in stereo separation. It is constructed with a central driver and four pivoting tweeters that direct the sound, based on the room environment, for equal sound dispersion. This allows true 180-degree sound dispersion. The PRO version is optimized for music and high-quality voice reproduction, making it ideal for boardrooms, hotel lobbies, airports, etc. The EDU version is optimized for speech, making it ideal for universities, classrooms, and presentation venues. The ceiling speaker comes in a 4in. deep enclosure. It can be mounted on the ceiling and has a grille that looks and feels like a suspended ceiling tile. Price: NA

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