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Case Study: AdventHealth, FL

With human lives in the balance, project partners for GE Health set out to create an innovative approach to the Mission Control at AdventHealth in Florida. This new command...


Case Study: Microsoft Teams

With Teams use exploding in a time of hybrid work, Microsoft is once again attempting to go beyond IT enterprise and make a Pro AV statement. As such, the...


Case Study: SCOR, NY

As one of the first built projects to envision how a post-pandemic workplace can look, SCOR’s NYC headquarters relocation was designed to ensure each employee had a strong sense...


Case Study: Glen Haven Baptist Church, GA

Glen Haven Baptist Church, just south of Atlanta in McDonough, Georgia, turned 75 years old this year and celebrated with a new KLANG:konductor, capable of delivering up to 16 immersive mixes and processing 128 input signals at up to...


Case Study: Princeton Pike Church of God, OH

Princeton Pike Church of God, in the northern Cincinnati suburb of Hamilton, Ohio, has been around since 1928, and its worship spaces have continually grown. By the time the congregation began meeting in its new sanctuary— nearly 3,000 seats...


Case Study: GUTS Church, OK

Founded by Pastor Bill Scheer in 1992, GUTS Church is a contemporary Christian church that maintains a ‘Come as you are’ approach designed to appeal to those who are put off by the formality of many more traditional worship...


Case Study: American Spaceport, Southeast USA

A world-renowned multi-user American spaceport in the Southeast USA supports over 90 private-sector partners and around 250 partnership agreements. The complex activities of the 219 square mile spaceport and its vast array of campus utilities are monitored from the...


The SVC Interview: Orpheum Theater, AZ

Flagstaff’s Orpheum Theater has a distinguished history, but its 18-year-old sound system needed help. Sound Image installed a new EAW system just in time for Covid to close the place down. Now they’re up and running again with all...


Case Study: Lee University, TN

Experiencing growing student enrollment in 2016, Lee University, a private Christian institution in Tennessee, constructed a spacious hall for its School of Nursing to host lectures covering nursing procedures, biology, and life sciences. The hall has soaring ceilings, tiered...


Case Study: RMIT University, Australia

MyEvent provides live event technical solutions to clients across eastern Australia. When the company took on its largest live streaming project to date – streaming more than 20 simultaneous feeds for RMIT University’s December 2021 graduation event at the...


Case Study: Full Sail University, FL

The flagship venue at Full Sail University was 10 years old, which is very old in AV years. For a school that uniquely specializes in equipping students for careers is audio and video technology, it was time to walk...


Case Study: EU Military

A high-functioning, efficient command and control room is foundational to the operational success of any Army. The EU military force relies on critical information that is continuously displayed and rapidly changing, in order to perform a range of functions....


Case Study: Ale Emporium, IN

The Ale Emporium in Indianapolis has transformed three locations into immersive video experiences, claiming the most video walls of any place in Indianapolis, according to the chain’s long-time AV integrator, Nathan Robison, owner of Robison Digital Solutions. For years,...


Case Study: Strike 10, FL

The new Strike 10 bowling alley in Boca Raton, Florida is equal parts bowling alley and night club. It features a big DVLED display, tunable color LED lighting, a professional DJ booth, a 37-camera surveillance system, 17 video zones,...


Case Study: Rock Bar, FL

For those wanting to pick up the energy and turn up the volume, the place to be when in Fort Lauderdale, FL is oceanfront at the Rock Bar. The venue recently underwent an extensive facility upgrade and is now...

Digital Signage

Tech Roundup: Digital Signage 2021

The role of digital signage systems continues to evolve. As a digital communication platform, it is increasingly driven by content, data, and interactivity, whether it’s part of a digital-first stadium like So-Fi or virtual reception. The AOPEN DE6340 is...

Sharp/NEC debuts new Direct View LED display series

The New NEC FC Series provides LED customers with a durable, high-end solution for high traffic and public spaces through better durability, performance and power consumption features