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Extron issues supply chain statement

Supply Chain Issues are Resolved and Inventory Levels Have Returned to Normal

Extron CEO/CTO Brian Taraci has issued a statement to customers regarding the current state of the company’s supply chain. The full statement is as follows:

Dear Extron Customer,

I’m pleased to announce that at Extron, our supply chain issues have been resolved and we have returned to our normal mode of operation. What does “normal mode of operation” mean? For Extron, it means we now have over 93% of our current products on the shelves in sufficient quantities to meet demand at each of our warehouses around the world. This includes, but is not limited to, our NAV Pro AV-over-IPDTPXTPFOXDMPTouchLinkIP LinkMediaLink product lines, and many others. For you, our customers, it means the freedom to submit orders for products on all major product lines and expect those orders to ship as requested, even same-day or next-day. It means backorders due to product shortages have been all but eliminated. I can confidently say that, at Extron, things are back to normal.

Extron has always maintained high levels of finished goods inventory. We view it as an integral part of our S3 Service Support and Solutions philosophy. Over the years, our customers have come to rely on Extron for swift and prompt order fulfillment. Our high inventory levels allowed us some extra time as we worked with our suppliers to resolve the impending shortages brought on by the supply chain crisis. Our highest priority has been the resolution of this issue, and solving it required dedication and focus from virtually every department within our company. I am profoundly grateful for our team’s resilience and Extron’s adaptability during this global upheaval.

Emerging from this episode, I can confidently state that we are in a better position than ever to support you, our customers. Part of our solution involved not only securing components in quantities significant enough to meet current demand, but also addressing the additional volume we’ve seen as customers move orders to Extron due to continued backorders from other manufacturers. We are in great shape! If you have a need, reach out to us, we are ready to help!

One final note; this Fall marks Extron’s 40th year in business. As we commemorate this milestone, please know that our excitement will also be fueled by announcements of many exciting new products. Even while we were focused on resolving the supply chain issues, our engineering teams continued to develop the innovative new product solutions that we believe will lead and shape our industry. Recent announcements include our UCS 303 presentation switcher with USB-C, our XPA Ultra FX audio amplifiers, our UCS 601 Pro USB-C dock, our DTP3 T 203 three input transmitter with USB-C charging, and our VCA 100 virtual control appliance. This is just the beginning, and you can expect many more announcements to follow very soon.

Thank you again for your patience and for your continued support of Extron!


Brian Taraci
Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technology Officer

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