CobraNet ostensibly stands for COordinated BRoadcast Audio. 12/04/2007 4:14 AM Eastern


CobraNet ostensibly stands for COordinated BRoadcast Audio.

  • The name “CobraNet” actually has nothing to do with snakes. It is named after the Shelby Cobra race car.
  • CobraNet ostensibly stands for COordinated BRoadcast Audio.
  • It was invented in the mid-1990s by Peak Audio's Kevin Gross and several other engineers.
  • CobraNet was first exhibited at an NSCA Expo, and the booth featured race-car legend Carroll Shelby's personal Cobra (serial number 1), adorned with “Connected by CobraNet” stickers.
  • The first beta site for CobraNet was a Super Bowl. The first CobraNet products were QSC Audio's RAVE network products.
  • CobraNet is a combination of software, hardware, and network protocol that allows distribution of many channels of real-time, high-quality digital audio over an Ethernet network.
  • The first CobraNet devices were purple-colored boxes.
  • CobraNet audio signals can travel 100 meters over a Cat-5 copper cable and 2 kilometers over multimode fiber. Proprietary Fast Ethernet via single mode fiber solutions can reach even farther.
  • CobraNet can carry up to 128 audio channels over a single Cat-5 cable. Gigabit links provide even greater channel capacity.
  • CobraNet is now owned and manufactured by Austin, Texas–based Cirrus Logic.
  • Cirrus Logic acquired Colorado-based Peak Audio in 2001.
  • CobraNet technology has more than 500,000 channels of uncompressed, low latency, real-time professional grade audio installed to date.
  • CobraNet has been used in such places as Rapenburgh Plaza in the Netherlands, London's Wembley Stadium, and at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

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