SIM2 Starts Shipping HT3000 HOST

SIM2 is currently shipping its latest HD video projector, the Grand Cinema HT30000 HOST. 5/28/2008 7:07 AM Eastern

SIM2 Starts Shipping HT3000 HOST

SIM2 is currently shipping its latest HD video projector, the Grand Cinema HT30000 HOST.

SIM2 is currently shipping its latest HD video projector. Company officials say the Grand Cinema HT30000 HOST combines the flexibility of modular design with the video performance of the most recent DLP 1080p chipset within a compact cabinet and an outboard video input processor that connects via SIM2's three-line optical-digital High-Definition Optical Signal Transfer (HOST) system.

"Our dealers asked for an elegant two-piece design," said SIM2 USA vice president Charlie Boornazian. "The HOST'S 10-bit video processor will feature six HDMI 1.3 inputs along with numerous component, composite, RGB, and S-Video inputs. All of these sources may now be more conveniently located in a rack or even out of sight if desired."

Boornazian said the HT3000 HOST delivers a high level of installation flexibility. A small diameter of fiber-optic cable provides a loss-less connection from the HOST to the projector, according to the company.

The two-piece system includes a 17-inch-square projector that weights about 24 pounds. Within a modern exterior by designer Giorgio Revoldini, the projector uses the latest-generation, 0.95-inch DLP DMD chip to deliver 1080p imaging. The SIM2 AlphaPath light engine's all-glass optics help ensure image accuracy. Integrated lens shift and digital keystone adjustment, wide-ranging picture-size possibilities (50 to 300 inches), and a choice of lenses for a broad throw range contribute to the HT3000's installation-friendly design.

The system's HOST processor is a separate component that's about 14 x 4 x 12 inches. Designed for flexible placement, a three-line digital fiber-optical connection allows installers to position it up to 750 feet from the projector. The processor/switcher's full-depth 10-bit video processing performs high-accuracy scaling up to 1080p and de-interlacing of SD signals, so all incoming video can exploit to the fullest possible extent of the HT3000 HOST's capabilities.

Now shipping, the HT3000 HOST comes with the SIM2 Gunmetal finish and a suggested retail price of $21,595 with the T1 lens and $22,595 with the T2 lens.

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