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Get Certified

Like every other industry, the AV industry is full of people wanting to make a name for themselves or the company they represent. Any AV-related job ad placed will bring forth many people claiming that they can and will help your company reach the next level. Some can and do so with great professionalism and expertise. Others fail miserably. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the person you are hiring is fully competent and ready to take on the role you need to fill? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to move yourself to the head of the line when you are applying for that AV position? AV industry certifications provide assurance to employers that the candidate they are hiring can perform the duties required. This makes the hiring decision much easier, and it provides a significant advantage for the job seeker who possesses the certifications. Besides the benefits at the time of hiring, certifications help to set companies apart as well. Many companies promote the fact that they invest in the training and certifications of their employees—it reassures customers.

In many cases now, certifications are requirements in order for a company to even be considered as the AV contractor. This was once a common practice when consultants were involved. Now it is becoming a fairly common practice for a new customer to ask for a list of a company’s certifications—regardless of consultant involvement or any bid specs.

There is little anyone can do that has a more positive effect on our industry as a whole than to seek and invest in training and certifications from our trade associations and our industry manufacturers. The knowledge and skillset to perform a task, and more importantly, the proof of that knowledge and skillset continuously raise the bar for our industry.

Certifications are no longer a rarity. They are becoming a requirement. Our trade organizations, InfoComm and NSCA, have both stepped up in not only recognizing the importance of industry certifications, but in investing a tremendous amount of time and money developing curriculums and tests specific to our industry’s skillsets.  

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