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New Ethernet Networking Standards, Part 2

Networked AV Podcast Show 20: The mechanics of the new IEEE 802.1AV standard

In this edition, SVC contributing editor Bennett Liles continues his talk with Lee Minich, president of LabX Technologies, an engineering design firm based in Rochester, New York. Minich goes into more detail on the work of the IEEE 802.1AV Bridging Task Group in the development of new standards for audio and video networking on Ethernet. 802.1as for clock synchronization and time stamping, 802.1Qav for switch packet prioritization and 802.1Qat, the switch admission control protocol are explained. Relevant links:

• The details on 802.1as for clock synchronization and time stamping
• An explanation from IEEE of the workings of the 802.1Qav protocol
• An examination of the 802.1Qat dealing with switch admission control
• An FAQ about the AVnu and its work on the AVB standards
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