Strother Bullins Reviews JBL SRX835P

Large, DSP-enabled PPA enclosure is ideal for a variety of installation applications
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The SRX800 Series is a premium portable PA (PPA) range featuring a variety of Harman-cultivated technologies for what I would call tour-grade performances. I know this by applying the full-range SRX800 Series’ flagship—the three-way SRX835P—in a variety of outdoor and indoor sound reinforcement applications—as mains, side fills, for DJ/playback, and in rehearsal settings.

Sturdily built plywood-cabineted beast featuring a combined total 1500W/2000W (continuous/peak) of Crown tri-amped power, a notably broad frequency range (33Hz to 21kHz), a maximum SPL of 137dB, and comprehensive I/O including Ethercon with HiQnet iOS and Android OS control options with the range’s intuitive DSP functionality. As such, the SRX835P is a rather future-proofed “hoss” of a powered enclosure and flexible for employment almost anywhere you want to transport it. Far more portable options exist in the five-model SRX800 range, too—12in. and 15in. two-way, full-range models plus single 18in. and dual 18in. subwoofers; in a way, the SRX835P is the excitement of the range, all rolled into one enclosure, albeit 38.7in. x 21.4in. x 18.7in.

In use, the SRX835P was a “relatively portable PA” with a lightweight handtruck and/or two healthy people; I transported the pair via pickup breaking little sweat. For one-man sound outfits and city-based hustling/moving, I’d recommend something smaller from the range. Yet for permanently installed house systems in small-to medium-size live music venues and theaters, even modern houses of worship, an SRX835P pair could be your silver bullet—just add mixer.

I did appreciate the DSP functions of the SRX800 range. On-board, the 400 MHz DSP provides 20 PEQs, two seconds of delay, signal generators, input mixing, amp monitoring, and 50 user presets. Lending to its aspirational qualities, V5 JBL Tunings also allow use with tour-class Vertec and VTX systems. A simple master encoder knob and a “back” button allow easy preset and control access even without the aforementioned iOS or Android control. Read more about the SRX835P’s digital features via this link:

Sound-wise, the SRX835P provides incredibly detailed, effortless-sounding performance, especially notable in its impressively detailed midrange and natural-sounding, high-frequency responses. Savvy end users can provide pro reinforcement nearly anywhere.

There’s little not to like about the SRX835P, as its open, balanced and musical characteristics would please most any client and audience. It’s relatively big and heavy for “portable PA” applications, but similarly spec’d speaker products from other manufacturers would be similarly challenging in transport. This cabinet would be ideal, for one example, flown as mains in an open, multipurpose/theater-style house of worship featuring contemporary music. Finally, the SRX800 range’s Harman lineage could make such a system a wise buy for those installing what will ultimately be networked audio/video solutions. That said, the SRX800 is a very fine sounding premium PA line from a respected, integrated family of audio products, and its $1299 to $1999 street price range is quite reasonable.


COMPANY: JBL Professional |
PRODUCT: JBL SRX835P Three-Way Self-Powered Loudspeaker
PROS: Tour-grade sound, useful DSP technologies built-in, notably sturdy build quality.
CONS: Rather heavy for typical portable PA applications (85lbs. per cabinet)
APPLICATIONS: Installed sound in houses of worship/theater, mid-level club and touring sound
PRICE: $1,599 street, each


SYSTEM TYPE: Self-powered 15in., three-way, bass-reflex design
AMPLIFIER TYPE/RATING: Class D, 2000W (peak)
DIMENSIONS: 38.74in. x 21.4in. x 18.74in.
WEIGHT: 85lbs.



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