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Case Study: Alpha Sound, Oregon

Alpha Sound of Salem, Oregon recently completed the last phase of installation at Portland Center Stage Theatre (PCS), making it the first in town to have an entirely Yamaha/ NEXO-based audio system for both its main auditorium and building-wide paging system. The main auditorium has a NEXO M6 line array and LS18 subwoofer system with NEXO PS15R2 center speakers and a handful of NEXO ID24 multipurpose speakers.

A Yamaha QL5 Digital Audio Console and two MTX5 matrix processors have been installed that allow wide flexibility for designers and engineers, all running on a Dante digital audio network with a variety of Dante-enabled peripherals.

“This last installation phase tackled the building-wide paging system,” states Devin Sheets, lead design and installation technician at Alpha Sound. “PCS has two fully functional theater spaces, several rehearsal halls, many offices and workshops, and operates as an independent event venue, all simultaneously nearly 24/7.

“With eight input sources requiring constant reassignments by various personnel to over forty zones on four different floor levels depending on daily activity throughout the building, we chose the MRX7 matrix processor with three additional MTX5 units and a Tio16 stage rack to be distributed and connected via Dante. Customized iPad control with ProVisionaire Touch allows instant and intuitive patching and parameter changes to the more than 400 control options.”

Resident sound designer and A/V supervisor Casi Pacilio worked closely with the Alpha team. Pacilio has been awarded by PATA and Drammy, and has worked both on and off Broadway productions, touring internationally as well as serving PCS for the past 13 seasons. “Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of theater sound was a great asset during the installation process,” says Sheets.

“The GEO M6 is deceptively loud and clear,” adds Sheets. “When we first installed the arrays, the guest engineer was worried about their small size and whether the rig would get loud enough for the rock musical they were doing. Upon hearing it for the first time, he could not stop smiling!”

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