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Case Study: Hewlett Packard Enterprises, TX

At the Houston campus of Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) five thousand square feet of newly completed networked indoor and outdoor LED digital signage provides immersive experiences, artistic and inspirational pieces, and branded content. Technology integration company i.e.Smart Systems oversaw the entire project, from the first phase of interior direct-view LEDs to the new outdoor LED spectacular

The dramatic branding experience begins with a massive outdoor display is mounted on the parking structure and overlooks a huge courtyard leading to the HPE building. The 12 mm SNA Displays EMPIRE Exterior carries dynamic branding messages approximately three-and-a-half thousand square feet of digital canvas. It measures approximately 39 feet tall by 90 feet wide (1,000 x 2,280 pixels), processing nearly 2.3 million pixels.

“The client initially procured motorized projection technology for the outdoor display enhancement, but after the indoor phase they opted for a design that also included large-format LED,” said Jeff Vinklarek, senior vice president of i.e.Smart Systems. “While the projection technology is still set up and utilized for special events, the dvLED is always available, always bright, and always stable in the environment. And the result speaks for itself. Standing in the lobby you can now look out to see this giant LED wall with beautiful colors in addition to all of the amazing display technology throughout the office.”

Stepping onto HPE’s Houston campus and being greeted by such a large and striking video canvas forges a powerful first impression,” said Jason Helton, executive vice president at SNA Displays. “It lets visitors and employees know without question that they are entering a cutting-edge environment.”

The AV-driven experience for visitors and employees continues inside. HPE’s lobby display is a 2.5 mm pixel pitch, vertically oriented LED screen used for artistic and mood-setting content. The BOLD Interior lobby display stands approximately 28 feet tall and 13 feet wide (3,420 x 1,600), giving it 368 square feet of digital canvas and approximately 5.5 million total pixels.

The Fishbowl is an immersive installation with two LED walls and an LED floor with glue-on-board pixel packaging, made with 2.5 mm pixel spacing. Each of the Fishbowl’s faces is approximately 7 feet by 12 feet with a resolution of 900 x 1,440 pixels. Also built from SNA Displays’ BOLD Interior product line, the Fishbowl consists of 3.9 million pixels.

The Immersive Theater features a concave BRILLIANT Interior LED video display that curves around HPE’s in-house movie-theater-style space equipped with stadium seating. The display has a 15-foot radius and employs a 1.25 mm narrow-pixel-pitch (NPP). At approximately 7 feet tall and 50 feet wide with a resolution of 1,800 x 12,160, the video wall comprises nearly 22 million pixels. The theater’s visual content was custom designed to provide a completely immersive experience. To enhance the Immersive Theater experience, i.e.Smart Systems integrated a 15.5-channel theater sound system.

Outside the theater is a convex LED video wall with a 13- foot radius. At approximately 6’ tall by 10’6” wide, the display employs a 1.2 mm pixel pitch and a resolution of 1,400 x 2,560 pixels.

The PlayGround was designed as an executive briefing center. It features a 1.2 mm pixel pitch video screen that is 7’5” tall by 13’1” wide (1,800 x 3,200), giving it 5.8 million total pixels. The space also has interactive screens and tables, Oculus experience systems, and even HPE/Mercedes’ full-sized F1 Car.

The lobby video wall was installed by AV integrator Digital Dreams while the PlayGround, Immersive Theater, and Fishbowl LED screens were installed by Ion Visual Solutions. Houston-based sign company State Sign installed the exterior LED spectacular.

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