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Ceiling Speakers

The models included in this survey demonstrate all of the features of current ceiling speaker technology and they provide a glimpse into what is likely to come along in the near future as present capabilities are further developed.

Ceiling Speakers

Mar 18, 2014 10:06 AM,
By Bennett Liles

The market for ceiling speakers has never been stronger and the scope of designs continues to expand. Nothing beats these devices for easy concealment and the custom tailored sound coverage they provide. Some of the more creative aspects involve simple mechanical innovations that have allowed installation options to power the growing range of applications. The models included in this survey demonstrate all of the features of current ceiling speaker technology and they provide a glimpse into what is likely to come along in the near future as present capabilities are further developed.

Atlas Sound FAP62T

Atlas Sound offers the FAP62T 6in. coaxial speaker system with its wide dispersion as a solution particularly applicable to low-ceiling situations. The 1in. voice coil driver includes a polypropylene cone with a butyl rubber surround. It is paired with a 19mm coaxially mounted tweeter and the front-mounted transformer tap switch allows easy power settings during installation. A detachable Phoenix-style, locking four-pole connector allows easy daisychain wiring to other full-range loudspeakers or Atlas Sound FAPSUB subwoofers. Strategy Series II style dog-leg tabs aid with installation into drop tile or drywall ceilings with the provided tile bridge assembly.

Bose FreeSpace DF 100F

The FreeSpace DF 100F extended range, flush-mount ceiling speaker from Bose includes a single 2.25in. Twiddler driver and a 5.25in. woofer in a ported enclosure. The unit can be used in flush-mount or pendant installations in ceilings up to 32ft. high with its 160-degree conical coverage pattern. The power tap settings can be changed with a front-mounted thumb wheel to best deliver its 75Hz-18kHz (±3dB) frequency response and 160-degree conical dispersion. The enclosure has a polypropylene front baffle backed with a powder-coated steel rear housing. The connector is a three-conductor terminal strip for 18-14 AWG wire.

The LCR 8in. copolymer woofer and pivoting 1in. Kortec tweeter combine to produce a 45Hz-20kHz (±3dB) frequency response in an 8Ω enclosure capable of handling amplifier power from 10W to 125W in the HSi480 ceiling speaker from Boston Acoustics. The grille is magnetic to speed up and simplify installation. The surface can be painted to match any wall or ceiling. Any imperfections in the paint or hole shape are hidden by the speaker’s wide mounting flange. The unit’s pivoting dog-leg mounting arms are durable and easy to install.

Community Professional C8

Capable of operating as an 8Ω or 70V unit, the Community ProfessionalC8 two-way, full-range coaxial 8in. ceiling speaker system can handle 60W continuous and 150W program power. Each unit has a wide dispersion angle up to 16kHz using a 1x8in. LF cone and a 1×3/4in. exit compression driver. The spring-loaded Drop Stop installation assistant tabs supporting the backcan simplify the installation, while the Euroblock connectors provide an external loop-through connection. The power tap selection switch is face mounted, and there is an integrated cable clamp along with an optional conduit knockout on the rear cover.

Crestron Saros IC8T

The Saros IC8T from Crestron is a two-way system with an 8in. polypropylene woofer and 1in. wide-dispersion, horn-loaded titanium dome tweeter. The enclosure includes a zero-bezel frameless grille and an aluminum backcan with top and side knockouts. The unit can handle 150W at 8Ω, and it features a built-in 60W 70/100V multi-tap transformer. Its two-step toggle clamps allow installation in either standard or extra thick surfaces up to 2.4in. The Saros line includes the 6in. IC6T and the 4in. IC4T as well as a number of other ceiling- and surface-mount models.

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Ceiling Speakers

Mar 18, 2014 10:06 AM,
By Bennett Liles


EAW designed the CIS400 two-way ceiling-mounted bass reflex speaker system with a 6.5in. LF cone paired with 1in. dome tweeter for 110-degree conical coverage. It has four power tap settings in 70V operation and three in 100V mode, set with a recessed rotary switch on the front bezel. The backcan is zinc-coated steel, and it includes cam-style installation clamps in addition to a recessed Euroblock input connector with a detachable mating plug. The unit may also be used in a 16Ω configuration for low impedance amps by setting a second rotary switch.

Electro-Voice EVID C8.2/C8.2LP

For extended bass response in tight sound environments, the EVID C8.2/C8.2LP 8in. two-way coaxial speaker from Electro-Voice can handle 8Ω, 70V, or 100V systems and deliver 50Hz-20kHz (±10dB). The 8in. polypropylene LF cone and 1in. Ti Mylar laminate dome tweeter are contained in a steel enclosure with a UL94V-0 rated baffle and bezel. The overload-protected system power-handling capacity is 100W, and the front panel has a mode/wattage selector. A tile bridge and mounting ring are included and the unit has a white, semi-gloss grille.

Extron SoundField SF 26X

Extron’s SoundField SF 26X two-way open backcan ceiling speaker features a 6.5in. woofer coupled to a 3/4in. ferrofluid-cooled dome tweeter for 50Hz-20kHz (-10dB) frequency response and 50W continuous power handling capacity. The 8Ω system provides 110-degree conical dispersion and it includes internal driver overload protection. The thin bezel, spring-loaded locking arms and magnetically attached grille simplify installation; there is an optional ceiling-mount kit available. The grille and bezel may be painted to match the room décor.

JBL Control 328CT

JBL has equipped the Control 328CT 8in. coaxial ceiling speaker with 250W power handling and a high-slope crossover network for high SPL and consistent coverage. Capable of operating in 8Ω or 70/100V mode, the unit provides a frequency response of 45Hz-18kHz (-10dB) and a 120-degree conical coverage area. The coaxial point source design includes a Kevlar-reinforced 8in. woofer mounted along with a JBL 2412H-1HF compression driver, which features a pure titanium diaphragm for high sensitivity and long life. It also has a diamond surround for resonance control and ferrofluid for increased power handling.

Klipch IC-650-T

Quick and easy installation is a key feature of the IC-650-T from Klipsch with its tile bridge and optional Mud Ring kit. The system can operate in 70/100V or in low impedance 8Ω mode by using a bypass switch on the front baffle. It combines a 6.5in. woofer with a 3.5in. round XT modified Tractrix Horn to handle 80W power while delivering 50Hz-20kHz (±4dB) and putting out 106dB at 1M. The integrated backcan has a terminal strip connector, and the multi-tap transformer settings range from 7.5W to 60W.

Kramer Electronics SPK−C612

Kramer ElectronicsSPK−C612 closed backcan ceiling speaker includes a 6.5in. polypropylene cone woofer with rubber surround and a 1in. Mylar dome tweeter. Together they have a 55Hz-20kHz frequency response and a power handling rating of 60W maximum. Certified for indoor use, the SPK-C612 is 7in. deep and operates either in low impedance or 70/100V mode with four power settings from 3.7W to 30W. Kramer Electronics has designed the unit with a dispersion coverage angle of 80 degrees and a frequency response of 55Hz-20kHz.

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Ceiling Speakers

Mar 18, 2014 10:06 AM,
By Bennett Liles

Lowell Manufacturing ES-62T-LE

Lowell Manufacturing allows installers to order the rough-in elements of the ES-62T-LE separately, put those in place during initial construction, and then order and place the mounting bezel, speaker, transformer, and grille package in the finishing phase of the project. The built-in reversible dog-ear mounting clamps make installation fast. The 6.5in. woofer is arranged in a coaxial configuration with the PEI tweeter and its acoustic lens. The press-fit grille comes with a pull-tool; the speakers are sold in pairs.

Martin Audio C10.1R

The C10.1R from Martin Audio is especially designed for high-ceiling installations in high SPL venues with its 10in. coaxial bass driver and through-the-pole firing 1in. compression driver providing a 90-degree conical coverage area at up to 10kHz. Designed to fit Lowell and Atlas rectangular rear enclosures, the C10.1R handles 200W AES, 800W peak power and delivers 115dB continuous SPL. Options include a 150W 70/100V line transformer. The unit has a 2kHz passive crossover and rising clamp plug-and-socket connectors.

Niles Audio CM8MP

One of the main features that Niles Audio incorporated into its CM8MP two-way ceiling-mount speaker is the maximized front surface area used by the 8in. polypropylene cone woofer. It is done while minimizing the size of the whole enclosure. This is paired with a 1in. fluid-cooled UltraSilk soft-dome tweeter that can be aimed up to 20 degrees off axis for custom tailored coverage. Together they produce a frequency response of 50Hz-21kHz (±3dB). The nominal impedance is 8Ω, and it can handle amp power from 10W to 140W.

Penton Audio CCS6T

Where high-impact SPL and superior bass response is needed, Penton Audio has the closed-back CCS6T ceiling speaker enclosed in a metal back-box with a UL plenum-compliant wire connection on the rear surface. The connection is complete with a pass-through terminal. The 6in. extended throw LF driver works along with a coaxially mounted 1in. titanium dome tweeter to provide a frequency response of 60Hz-20kHz (±5dB) while handling up to 90W amp power. By removing the grille, the screwdriver adjustable transformer power tap selector can be accessed.

QSC Audio Products AcousticDesign AD-C820

QSC Audio Products gives installers several options with the selection of the AcousticDesign AD-C820 and C821. Both are 8in. LF ferrite cone systems with a 1/4in. diaphragm neodymium compression driver and each can handle 200W continuous power. They provide a 90-degree horizontal and vertical coverage pattern and can operate in low impedance or 70/100V modes. The AD-C820 is designed for pre-install (separated backcan) applications while the AD-C821 is intended as a fully integrated, blind-mount system. Each can be ordered with a round or square grille.


The PL 60FD from RCF-USA is suited for alarm and emergency evacuation equipment because it does not allow a fire to move to the audio system. Its ceramic terminal blocks, thermal fuse, and fire-resistant cable all contribute to the safety of the structure. The 6in. dual-cone wideband speaker operates in low impedance or 70/100V modes while producing 150-degree horizontal and vertical coverage, handling 10W peak power and producing 150Hz-15kHz frequency response. The metal back cover fits a white steel grille and is secured in the mounting hole by four lead-screw rotating clamps.

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Ceiling Speakers

Mar 18, 2014 10:06 AM,
By Bennett Liles

Renkus-Heinz CS99R

The three-way design of the Renkus-HeinzCS99R provides even response from 65Hz to 17kHz, and the quad source directivity of the four 6.5in. LF cones offer control in the horizontal and vertical planes. Additional directivity control is accomplished by the unit’s complex conic horns. The CS99R can be installed in a system with the CS66R. The CS99R handles 120dB program power using Neutrik four-pin SpeakOn connectors or screw terminals and both products use a multi-ply hardwood, perforated metal grille.

SnapAV ECS-200-70V-2×2-TR

The ECS-200-70V-2×2-TR from SnapAV is a complete 2×2 ceiling-tile-replacement unit with 8in. hard-fiber paper-cone speaker and a 70V switch. The rotary tap allows power selection between 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W, 2W, and 4W settings. UL-listed and compliant with UL-1480 and UL-2043 standards, the Episode 200 Commercial series can handle program power of 12W with a dispersion angle of 100 degrees. It uses a 3/8in conduit and includes a 1/2in. knockout in its access plate. The small front perforations provide a good blend with suspended ceilings.

SnapAV Episode 650 Commercial series

Available as a kit with a three-piece tile bridge, the Episode 650 Commercial series in-ceiling 70V speaker from SnapAV has front-mounted tap settings, a mica-filled polypropylene woofer and 1in. silk dome tweeter with neodymium magnet, plus a 1.2in. over-sized voice coil. The included a steel C-shaped mounting ring and two removable arms make installation very quick and easy. The taps provide a variety wattage settings and a bypass for low impedance operation. The high-temperature, UV-stabilized baffle toughens the unit for long lasting service.

Soundsphere Q-CA

Soundsphere intended the Q-CA speaker to be quick and easy to install with its integral aluminum backcan and its capability to mount two-gang NEMA boxes directly on top of the can. The whole enclosure mounts in a standard 8in. speaker tile bridge and the Eurostyle connectors are easy for pre-wiring jobs. The 6.5in. LF driver and the 0.5in. dome handle 35W RMS at 4Ω, 30W RMS at 100V, and 15W RMS at 70V while delivering a 70Hz-17kHz (±4dB) frequency response.

SoundTube Entertainment CM600i

The CM600i is a ceiling speaker system that uses a 6.5in. polypropylene cone with a butyl rubber surround and a 1in. convex titanium tweeter with waveguide to make a coverage angle of 135 degrees (-6dB @ 2kHz). SoundTube Entertainment provided a six-position rotary switch with power settings and a transformer bypass in addition to a fast and secure constant-tension, fixed-wing mounting system. The unit’s maximum continuous power handling capability is 90W, and for extended bass applications, it can be installed with SoundTube’s CM1001d-T 10in. subwoofer.

Speakercraft SC Pro Commercial 8

The SpeakerCraftSC Pro Commercial 8 features the patented WavePlane tweeter baffle on which is mounted a pivoting polyamide dome tweeter. It pairs with the 8in. polypropylene cone woofer for a 56Hz – 20kHz frequency response and a power handling capacity of 5W to 100W. The front face includes a rotary power tap switch capable of several power level settings including a transformer bypass for 8Ω operation. The SC Pro Commercial 8 fits a cutout of 11.5in., and the connection terminals are protected in a rear-mounted J-box.

Speco Technologies G86TCG

For Speco Technologies, infinite customization was a primary aim in designing the G86TCG. Available in 10 mounting styles, the Speco ceiling speaker line allows users to select among different sizes and shapes of grilles and features. The G86TCG includes an 8in. paper speaker cone, 5oz. magnet, and a 5W dual 70/25V transformer with five settings and an 8Ω bypass position. All of the models in the line have a local volume control knob. The system delivers 85Hz-20kHz and handles 10W RMS power.

Tannoy CMS801 DC

Tannoy’s CMS801 DC with an 8in. point source, dual concentric transducer mounted in an injection molded front-ported baffle offers big sound in a small package. With a 100-degree coverage angle, the unit can handle average power of 90W while operating in either 70/100V or low impedance mode. Tannoy included a titanium dome HF driver with a neodymium magnet system. The zinc-plated steel backcan has a safety ring to serve as a load-bearing safety bond, and the grille is steel with a weather-resistant coating.


The PC580R and PC580RV from TOA are especially suited to high-quality paging installations. Using a standard mount template, the system is good for retrofits and it can be fitted with the HY-BC-580U stackable backcan to meet UL requirements for speakers used in emergency signaling and notification. Equipped with 25V and 70V transformer taps up to 5W, these models are sold in quantities of 10. The PC580RV adds a volume control potentiometer on the center of the grille.

Yamaha Commercial Audio VXC8

Available in ceiling- and surface-mount options, the new VXC line of speakers from Yamaha Commercial Audio can be painted to match any room. The VXC8 handles 180W program power and delivers a maximum 116dB at 1 meter. Like the other models in the line, the VXC8 includes full-range power limiting for protection, anti-drop grasping tab, O-rings, and tile rails to aid in installation. The enclosure consists of a 1mm steel backcan and a powder-coated, perforated steel grille.

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