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Apple opens tree-lined retail store in LA

Apple and Foster + Partners’ longstanding collaboration continues with the completion and opening of their latest Apple Store. Located in The Grove shopping complex in Los Angeles, California, customers enter through huge glass doors to a tree-lined retail space with a mirrored ceiling.

The rectangular building is enclosed by glazed facades on all sides, and its main entrance is made up of two 10 x 31.5 ft (3 x 9.6 m) sliding doors, which are opened up to the outside for most of the year to naturally ventilate the space. Skylights also help increase daylight inside and reduce the use of electric lights.

Ficus trees outside the store continue inside – there are a total of 16 trees inside in all – to give it the feeling of an actual grove, and the mirrored ceiling, which is made from a type of stretched mirrored fabric, runs the length of the store.

Apple The Grove is just the latest of dozens of Foster + Partners and Apple architectural collaborations over the years, which include the NYC cube store and the Apple Tower Theatre elsewhere in Los Angeles.

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