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WATCH: Game engines drive dramatic interactive indoor/outdoor LED wall

This iconic lobby uses gaming software to immerse visitors in motion-activated aquarium

The lobby of an iconic Art Deco office building in Boston has been transformed into an immersive digital experience that reacts to your movements using sensors and Unreal Engine, the gaming engine behind Fortnite, Playstation, and more.

Created by experience design studio ESI Design, an 84-feet-long, 7-feet high reactive digital installation wraps around Post Office Square’s new  lobby and extends out into the plaza entrance of 110 High Street. It features experiences which regularly shift throughout the day – from an underwater panorama that transforms the space into an aquarium where fish dart away when approached to animations of silhouettes strolling, waving, and dancing in response to passersby.

The installation features animations and scenes that are generated in Unreal Engine, a real-

time rendering platform typically used in gaming environments. It uses motion- and light-activated sensors to produce real-time changes in the scenes based on the flow of foot traffic through the space or when visitors interact directly with the display by waving, pointing, or moving very close. In all, the installation features 590 square feet of LED displays.

The installation, the first and largest of its kind in Boston, has made the property owned by LaSalle Investment Management a must-see destination. It also just won a GOOD DESIGN Award.

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