Give a Student a Jumpstart in the Industry

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InfoComm’s International Communications Industries Foundation (ICIF) is currently accepting applications for its Michael Vergauwen scholarship. This $5,000 scholarship is open to third- and fourth-year college students pursuing a technical degree with plans for a career in the AV industry. The ICIF is accepting applications until Feb. 15, 2017. Learn more at


RF Auction: What We Know So Far

It’s time for our periodic update on spectrum — that invisible resource that pro audio counts on for wireless transmission, mobile companies covet for new services, and the government continues to auction off. For now, it looks like spectrum reallocation won’t be as disruptive as more


4K Outdoors from SunBriteTV

SunBriteTV has announced Veranda, a new family of weatherproof televisions that are safer and provide superior performance and durability than indoor televisions in outdoor installations. Available in three screen sizes (43”, 55” and 65”), the Veranda comes standard with a more


The Modern Agora

When the Super Lab is empty, it only hints at its potential as a platform for teaching and collaboration. It looks like a place where dynamic stuff could happen—once the people arrive. It stands in wait, like a vast stage, or a town square (it could also suggest less elevated more