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Controlling Heathrow

Heathrow is Europe’s largest airports and one of the world’s top international aviation hubs. It is home to more than 80 airlines, and welcomes more than 76 million passengers every year; it is also Britain’s largest cargo port.

Recent billion+ investments have helped to modern Heathrow’s infrastructure. For example, updating and modernizing Heathrow’s control room was an opportunity to address the ergonomic, operational, and efficiency challenges that operators were experiencing.

Previously, operators used one screen per workstations, and had to move desks to access other systems and attend training and presentation sessions. The direct impact of this set-up was poor productivity, reduced time management, and inferior customer service.

The new objective was to improve the organization workflows, seating positions, computer access points, training, data visualization, and data access across all desk locations in the office, as well as an additional break out room.

The control room managers needed a solution that would allow all users to access multiple computer systems from a single work station, and increase the general ergonomics of the working area

The team at Heathrow worked closely with Adder Technology and a leading Adder partner, KVM Choice, to understand the requirements. By using the ADDERLink Infinity range, they could move all computers from the user environment to a secure communications room, freeing up workspace and centralizing the computers to improve climate control and security.

ADDERLink Infiinity 1002 transmitters were connected to each of the required computers which then extend, via standard IP network, to the user stations, a break out room, and a video wall for monitoring and presentations. An ADDERLink Infinity Manager (ALM) was also installed to allow full management of the ADDERLink Infinity units on the network.

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