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Lectrosonics HM172 Earset Microphone

Lectrosonics announces the introduction of the HM172 earset mic

Lectrosonics HM172 Earset Microphone

Nov 4, 2009 1:05 PM

Lectrosonics HM172 Earset Micrphone

Lectrosonics announces the introduction of the HM172 earset mic. Featuring a comfortable, bendable silicone frame that mounts securely to the user’s ear, the new HM172 provides excellent vocal quality in a nearly invisible package—making this mic an excellent choice for use in many sound-reinforcement applications, including houses of worship, stage productions, live events, and corporate rentals. The HM172 offers a 4.15in. boom length that is ideal for providing maximum gain before feedback while keeping the microphone’s omnidirectional condenser element away from the wearer’s breath stream&3151;thus minimizing wind noise. The HM172 is wired standard with a TA5F connector for use with any Lectrosonics UHF belt-pack transmitter, including the UM400a, LMa, and SM series. The HM172’s sensitivity is moderate for use with speech or singing. The included cable is a generous 54in., enabling the belt-pack transmitter to be positioned nearly anywhere on the body. MSRP: $395

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