New Ways to Get the Most Out of Education at CEDIA EXPO 2011

How do you gain new business, diversify your services, improve your productivity and enhance your skill set?
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New Ways to Get the Most Out of Education at CEDIA EXPO 2011

May 19, 2011 11:10 AM

Electronic systems professionals are constantly challenged by the ever-changing market of the electronic systems industry. How do you gain new business, diversify your services, improve your productivity, and enhance your skill set?

CEDIA EXPO hosts the largest offering of CEDIA University courses that can help serve the unique needs of your company. It is never too early to start planning your schedule to make the most of your CEDIA EXPO investment.

With the large variety of courses offered, how do you know which courses to take? What courses are best to help build additional service offerings? CEDIA is making it easy for you to match education offered at CEDIA EXPO to your business and training needs. CEDIA is truly taking the guessing game out of the scenario. Now you can simplify your education course selections by using the new course selection tool. This new resource helps you simplify your education purchase decisions and recommends courses based on the data you provide. Take the guessing game out of your schedule and get a defined list of options that are tailored specifically to you, your employees and your business. Access the course selection tool at in the Attendee Info area.

In addition all courses offered at CEDIA EXPO 2011 have been categorized to help you make smarter decisions based on business goals, strategies and job function. Categories include:

Business Growth
Finding it hard to grow your business in the current economic climate? Courses in this category are designed to help you diversify and strengthen your business.

Operational Excellence
Is your business running as smoothly as you’d like? Courses in this category will help you develop your day-to-day operations so that your company is functioning efficiently.

Emerging Trends
Want to know more about what’s to come for the electronic systems industry and how it can benefit you? Courses in this category will introduce you to the latest upcoming technologies and trends and help you implement them into your business plan.

Technical Excellence
Striving to execute projects more productively and with less time? Courses in this category will help you master your technical and design skills.

Forging Alliances
Looking to develop professional relationships that will directly help your business thrive? Courses in this category will help you build and strengthen business relationships with industry professionals, peers, customers, and industry partners.

CEDIA is pleased to offer the $299 CEDIA University Members’ Only Education Pass again this year. You can take as many education classes as you can fit into your schedule for one low price. Participants must pre-register for classes. Become a CEDIA member today and save on education and registration at CEDIA EXPO 2011. Visit for more information.

CEDIA EXPO is where you’ll connect with leading industry professionals. You’ll also experience cutting-edge technology from 400+ exhibitors and discover new ways to gain an advantage over your competition. CEDIA EXPO is where technology and business come together. CEDIA EXPO 2011 will be held at the Indianapolis Convention center September 7-10. The show floor will be open September 8-10. Registration for CEDIA EXPO 2011 will open June 1 visit for more information about the show.




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