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Quantum at BIRTV2017

Quantum will showcase StorNext 6, a major new release of the company’s acclaimed workflow storage platform that demonstrates its continued leadership in workflow-optimized storage. Quantum also will highlight its award-winning Xcellis solutions, recently enhanced with lab-validated 4K reference architectures for facilities of all sizes and including all-flash storage configurations that maximize performance for high-quality 4K streams. Features and capabilities within StorNext 6 and Xcellis give users greater control over storage performance across the entire facility, enable exceptional efficiency and productivity for 4K workflows, facilitate seamless access to content for geographically distributed creative teams, and simplify use across operating systems.

Quantum BIRTV2017 Preview

Booth 8B11

Aug. 23-26, Beijing

Quantum Products at BIRTV2017

StorNext(R) 6 Release: New at BIRTV2017

A series of substantive updates within the StorNext 6 platform demonstrates Quantum’s ongoing leadership in workflow storage — with a particular focus on enabling high-resolution workflows. StorNext 6 highlights include:


Quality of Service

— A new quality of service (QoS) feature empowers facilities to tune and optimize performance across all client workstations and on a machine-by-machine basis, in turn guaranteeing that more demanding tasks, such as 4K playback or color correction, get the bandwidth they need to maintain uncompromising video quality.


FlexSpace(TM) Shared Archive

— Addressing the challenges of global always-on production workflows, the new FlexSpace feature allows multiple instances of StorNext, located anywhere in the world, to share a common content repository. As a result, any user within a StorNext environment can access, browse and pull files from a shared workspace. With this game-changing new capability, a creative team member working in one city can create content that is automatically stored to the common repository and immediately available for further work by team members working elsewhere, without it being expressly shipped or explicitly transported to them.


FlexSync(TM) Multisite Synchronization

— FlexSync is a powerful new capability that provides a fast, flexible and simple way to synchronize content between multiple StorNext systems in a highly manageable and automated fashion. FlexSync supports one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one file-replication scenarios and can be configured to operate at almost any level: specific files, specific folders or entire file systems. By leveraging enhancements in file-system metadata monitoring, FlexSync recognizes changes instantly and can immediately begin reflecting those changes on another system.

FlexTier(TM) Public and Private Cloud Access

Quantum will highlight its FlexTier cloud-access feature, which makes it easy to integrate existing public-cloud storage accounts and third-party object storage (private cloud) into a StorNext environment and into familiar media workflows. FlexTier currently supports Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, NetApp StorageGRID, IBM Cleversafe and Scality RING as archive tiers. As a result, content owners can get all the content access and visibility benefits provided by StorNext, protect their investments in private-cloud object storage systems and public-cloud storage services, and reduce the cost and complexity of cloud storage administration.

New Xcellis(TM) 4K Reference Architectures

Quantum will highlight its new 4K reference architectures, created from exhaustive, real-world 4K testing and suitably scaled for facilities from small to large. In the testing, all Xcellis solutions were validated under intense 4K workloads, reflecting industry-leading capabilities for streaming 4K to collaborative teams of content creators. The testing included characterization of large- and small-form-factor disk drives and all-flash arrays in different configurations of compressed and uncompressed 4K formats. The resulting reference architectures have been tuned to deliver predictable-stream-count workloads for the full range of 4K formats.

BIRTV Forum Keynote Presentation: How Quantum StorNext(R)-powered Solutions Can Increase Efficiency and Productivity for Your 4K Workflows

Quantum will deliver a keynote presentation to attendees of the BIRTV China Visual Effect Summit 2017 that runs in parallel with the BIRTV exhibition. Titled “How Quantum StorNext-powered Solutions Can Increase Efficiency and Productivity for Your 4K Workflows,” the presentation will include real examples from Quantum customers in China, as well as international markets. The China Visual Effect Summit 2017 will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel Beijing on Aug. 24, 2017.

Quantum Demo at BIRTV2017:

Live Digital Asset Management With CatDV

Within the presentation theater on Quantum’s stand, the company will provide demonstrations of live editorial workflows. Showcasing the performance leadership of Xcellis and other Quantum storage systems, these demonstrations will give attendees a firsthand look at the remarkable performance levels that can be achieved with an optimal hardware configuration supported by the powerful StorNext platform.

During demonstrations throughout BIRTV2017, expert creatives will use Quantum’s Xcellis high-performance workflow storage with Square Box Systems’ CatDV suite of digital asset management applications. Demonstrations also will highlight the new performance and collaboration features of StorNext 6.

Company Quote:

“We look forward to introducing StorNext 6 to China and other key Asia-Pacific markets at BIRTV2017, where we will highlight the platform’s newest capabilities and the benefits they bring to modern media operations. We also will showcase our new high-resolution reference architectures, including a flash-based configuration, and their utility in empowering media companies to identify the optimal storage configuration for their particular project requirements and media workflows.”

— Jim Simon, Senior Director of Marketing, Asia-Pacific Region, Quantum

Company Overview:

Quantum is a global expert in workflow-optimized storage technologies and data management solutions. Quantum’s StorNext(R) is the industry’s leading collaborative content production and archive platform, providing a unique combination of performance, low-cost capacity and easy access for content creators and owners ranging from the smallest post houses to the world’s largest media brands.

The company’s Xcellis(R) shared storage solution enables users to create ultra-high-definition content with the highest-performance workflows that scale out to thousands of NAS clients. Powered by StorNext, Xcellis makes high-performance disk, object storage, tape and the public cloud behave as one seamless, easy-to-manage storage environment.


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Quantum’s StorNext(R) 6 Logo

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StorNext FlexSpace(TM)

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StorNext With FlexTier(TM) for Cloud Data Management

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