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Roadify Transit Announces Distribution and Technology Relationships With Leading Digital Signage Companies

NEW YORK — March 27, 2017 —

 Roadify Transit, the New York-based aggregator of multimode transit information, today announced it has entered into distribution and technology partnerships with several leading digital signage companies, including AVI Systems, Capital Networks, DigiChief, Engrain TouchTour, Four Winds Interactive, Orange Barrel Media/StreetMedia’s IKE SmartCity, and TouchSource. Using Roadify Transit’s Application Program Interface (API), these partners are now able to incorporate location-specific displays of transit arrivals and service conditions into their customers’ digital signage networks.

Roadify Transit aggregates transit data from more than 400 agencies, bike share programs, and car ride services in the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, and Australia into a single source for display on any screen. Transit services available through the Roadify API account for 95 percent of the 35 million trips taken daily by U.S. transit riders.

“Our API service model allows our partners and their customers to focus on creating eye-catching, informational end-user displays without the hassle and expense of managing hundreds of data feeds in different formats,” explains Scott Kolber, Roadify CEO. “With easy, on-demand access, our partners have total flexibility over the design, branding, and look and feel of how transit information is integrated into their customers’ signage displays — and we’re already seeing the results in a rich variety of deployments.”

Roadify Transit data can be displayed in any location with networked screens such as commercial and residential real estate buildings, smart cities, sports stadiums and arenas, hotels, retail stores, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and more. Early partner deployments include IKE interactive kiosks in downtown Denver (OrangeBarrel Media/StreetMedia); CBRE offices in Bellevue, Washington, and Oakland, California, and at the Denver Tech Center (TouchSource); customer headquarters and offices in New York, Denver, U.K., and Australia (Four Winds Interactive); commercial real estate facilities in Chicago (AVI Systems), and elsewhere.

“Roadify provides DigiChief with the ability to update client networks dynamically with hyper-local scheduling information,” said Gene Hamm, partner at DigiChief. “From the design and flexibility of their API, to their continued support for our development team, Roadify has been second to none. When researching new product offerings, our team looks for content that has a symbiotic relationship to the DOOH viewer. Roadify delivers on all fronts — functionality, design, support, consistency, and quality.”

“Roadify makes it easy for us to incorporate location-specific, multimode transit information — much of it real-time — into our signage displays and IKE Smart City interactive kiosks,” said Troy Hammond, managing partner at IKE Smart City. “Our first Roadify implementation is about to go live in downtown Denver and we’re looking forward to working with Roadify in many other cities across the country.”


Roadify enables IKE interactive kiosks in downtown Denver (Orange Barrel Media/StreetMedia) to provide local residents and visitors with all the multimode transit information they need to get around town, including nearby bus and train routes and arrival times.

“At TouchSource, as we continue to grow our market leadership in electronic directory solutions, we focus on simplicity, flexibility, and end-user value,” stated Ajay Kapoor, CEO, TouchSource. “Roadify is a great partner that aligns with that vision, as its solutions are very easy for us to integrate and modify, provide powerful user content, and are a single source for real-time transit data.”


Roadify empowers TouchSource to integrate multimode transit information in its customers’ signage displays alongside other types of content, perfect for public spaces as well as corporate lobbies and more.

“We’re very excited about the integration of Roadify into the Four Winds visual communications platform to deliver outstanding user experiences and critical just-in-time information across industries,” explained Rich Blakeman, vice president of alliances and partnerships, Four Winds Interactive.


Four Winds Interactive uses Roadify to create engaging multimode transit information displays.

“We’re building a global community of designers and developers using the Roadify service to create transit displays for digital signage and inside mobile applications,” added Kolber. “Now that so much transit information is available as open data, Roadify is making it easily accessible for ubiquitous display, on a large scale. People should be able simply to look up at screens anywhere to find out when their ride is coming or why it’s late.”

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About Roadify Transit:

Roadify is a privately held company based in New York City focused on the aggregation and distribution of multimode transit data. The Roadify mobile app is a New York City Big Apps Grand Prize winner and has been called one of the apps you need to get through the day by TEDBlog. More information on Roadify is available at


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