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Slovak Medical University Goes Full-Tech Modern

The complex underwent a full technology modernization, which included a full range of loudspeakers from Renkus-Heinz.
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Oct 8, 2014 6:52 PM

Slovak Medical University has recently completed a major renovation and reconstruction project at its campus in Banská Bystrica. The multi-functional complex includes several classrooms, student dormitories, and a large, multipurpose auditorium and presentation hall that’s used for graduations, conferences, and technical seminars. The complex underwent a full technology modernization, including new audio, conferencing, and interpretation systems, as well as video, digital signage, and information technology systems. The systems were designed and installed by Bratislav-based MediaTech, and include a full range of loudspeakers from Orange County, Calif.-based Renkus-Heinz.

The main system includes Iconyx IC16-R-II and IC8-R-II digitally steered arrays, as well as a number of ICX7-II mechanically steered arrays. Iconyx steered array technology enables precise steering of the sound toward the audience and away from walls and other surfaces, reducing reflections and improving intelligibility.

“The hall has always been a very challenging acoustical space, and there were a lot of problems with spoken word intelligibility. Of course, this affects people’s ability to communicate, and to learn,” says MediaTech General Director, Ing. Bohumil Tonkovic.

Elsewhere in the complex, Renkus-Heinz CFX41 and CFX61 two-way systems provide additional sound reinforcement. State-of-the-art video systems include large-scale remote-controlled projection screens with Mitsubishi projectors, PTZ cameras for conferencing, and full multi-language interpretation facilities.

Working under a demanding timeline, MediaTech handled the entire project, including planning, preparation, system design and installation, as well as training onsite personnel in the operation of all systems.

“Banska Bystrica finally has a space that meets all the parameters of top quality acoustics and information technology,” says Professor MD Svetozár Dluholucký, PhD., Dean of Slovak Medical University.


Renkus-Heinz CFX41 and CFX61

Renkus-Heinz’s Compact 4in. Coaxial two-way loudspeaker series, which includes the CFX41 and the CFX61 among its 12 models, feature versatile enclosures, go-anywhere hardware, and rugged construction. The CFX41 offers full-range performance in a miniature design, delivering 100Hz to 20kHz ±3dB with a 4in. extended-range coaxial transducer, 4in. fiber cone woofer, and 1in. soft-dome tweeter. A 6.5in. woofer and 1in. titanium HF driver defines the CFX61, which also features self-powered CF61-2R cabinets that are RHAON empowered for flexible digital signal distribution, loudspeaker management, and control using standard Ethernet hardware and cabling.




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