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Vizio Reference series RS120-B3

Vizio’s 120in. Reference series RS120-B3 with Dolby Vision HDR is the ultimate in digital signage due to the combination of its extremely bright full- array LED backlight, ultra high-definition 4K-resolution and large, seamless screen size. The most important factor in digital signage is visibility. Achieving that type of visibility requires a big, bright image that usually comes from a clunky videowall, or an expensive LED-based Jumbotron- type display that cannot be viewed up close—the individual LEDs are simply too big. Thanks to the high dynamic range capability and high contrast of the full array LED backlight, the TV is capable of outputting 800 nits, or more than 2.5 times the brightness of a typical display, while still retaining excellent black levels. Both the high contrast and ultra HD 4K resolution of the panel allows the user to see it from a distance and still walk up close to it and resolve fine details. In addition, because of the large-screen size, viewers no longer have to suffer with the distract- ing screen frames that would otherwise be visible in a videowall system. Instead, the user can see one seamless image.

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