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Wazee Digital Announces Enhancements to Its Flagship Core MAM

DENVER — Sept. 2, 2016 — Wazee Digital, a leading provider of cloud-based video management and licensing services, today announced an upgrade to Wazee Digital Core, its cloud-native digital asset management solution that powers all of the other Wazee Digital products and services. The upgrade enables content owners and rightsholders who use Core to do two new things: 1) publish and manage content on a YouTube channel directly from the Core application, either through an automated workflow or discrete asset selection and publishing; and 2) maintain term structure and consistency across a database for keywords, which allows more efficient search and retrieval in industry-specific applications.

“Audiences are viewing content across multiple platforms, including social media, and YouTube is one of the biggest — reaching more 18-to-49-year-olds than any cable network in the U.S. Therefore, it made sense for us to give Core users a way to manage in three clicks what they used to have to do in two applications and 10+ clicks,” said Harris Morris, CEO of Wazee Digital. “As the world consumes more and more media outside of linear broadcast, managing multiple digital endpoints is done most efficiently in the content management system. Unlike many social-media publishing tools that focus only on digital publishing, ours can distribute both digital- and broadcast-quality content — and handle both workflows — all from a single platform.”

Core’s YouTube digital-endpoint publishing capability is designed to help users who either already publish content on YouTube or want to establish their social media presence using a single platform to manage syndication. Previously users had to find and download the content, then leave Core and sign in to YouTube to publish it. Now they can publish, stop, or otherwise manage their YouTube content with three clicks, making it easier to publish and refresh content to drive new ad revenue and brand recognition.

Additionally, Core’s new “controlled vocabulary” capability benefits all Core users, especially those whose assets rely on specialized classification and description (such as in medicine, sports, or the military). Users can now import and use a custom thesauri within the application to better tag, search, and discover content within an industry-specific metadata domain. There is now the ability to standardize keywords and metadata as well as leverage new functions such as “term assist” and “search type ahead,” which provides suggested terms.

“Search is at the heart of our business. Being able to find and retrieve content in a given metadata language in the least amount of time possible is a fundamental function for all of our users. Wazee Digital’s Core continues to lead the way in metadata management, which means our clients can search and discover specific moments within their content quickly and easily,” Morris said. “Building out complex metadata taxonomies is usually reserved for heavy MAM implementations, so our ability to offer this type of lightweight and customized approach to metadata within a multitenant SaaS MAM is rare in the industry. We can put that expertise to work advising current and future customers on their metadata strategies.”

Controlled vocabulary — language that is consistently organized and unambiguous — is necessary when standardizing industry-accepted terms and taxonomy, which in turn reduces duplicate terms and misspellings, guards against data-entry errors, and simplifies search and retrieval. The result is a more efficient workflow.

For example, The Defense Imagery Management Operations Center (DIMOC), the official audiovisual records-keeper for the U.S. military, relies on Core to drive Images of Freedom(R), the official media library of the U.S. Department of Defense. Images of Freedom is a massive, searchable repository of military audio, video, and still imagery. DIMOC used Synaptica software to create its controlled vocabulary, which it then imported into the Core system to populate the library’s search terms.

Both the YouTube digital-endpoint publishing and controlled vocabulary features are licensable separately. The YouTube feature is available now. The controlled vocabulary feature will be available in October. Core users may contact their account managers for details.

More information about Wazee Digital’s products and services is available at

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