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World Class Music Destination Chooses FBT

Caramoor Upgrades its Announcement System

Since the 1940’s, Caramoor has been a destination for exceptional music. Located less than an hour north of New York City, the venue draws thousands of discerning music lovers, annually – all eager to explore its lush gardens, visit the historic Rosen House, and to enjoy a picnic before a memorable concert. From up and coming stars to well-known musicians and conductors such as Wynton Marsalis, Audra McDonald and Andre Previn, Caramoor features superb talent, dedicating itself to providing the highest quality experience to audience members. It’s no surprise, then, that this same dedication was applied to their housekeeping announcement system. Italian Speaker Imports used FBT speakers at the venue. 

With just eight FBT J8 speakers, the venue’s tented, 1,550-seat outdoor Venetian Theater is the only one of Caramoor’s three concert spaces that maintains permanently mounted speakers. “The concerts here that are classical are completely unamplified,” said Warren Hammer, Caramoor’s Production Manager and Technical Director. “The only time we use amplification is when we have a vocalist or it’s a jazz, Americana or cabaret performance; if it’s needed then we hang a system for that performance. And, of course, if it’s raining, we’ll use a few mics and the announcement system to boost a chamber concert.”

In addition to being needed for those sound boosts, the sound system is also needed to reach the sizable outdoor audience, without overpowering it, when announcements are made. When considering the equipment to be used, there were a few aesthetic requirements. According to Simon Nathan, Brand Manager at Italian Speaker Imports, FBT was the perfect complement to Caramoor’s unique environment. “FBT is well known for its ability to aim sound strategically,” he said. “The Venetian Theater is expansive, so we needed to use an exceptional speaker that would promote speech intelligibility. The sound can easily be heard over conversations, contained within the space needed, despite the open-air environment. The other advantages are that FBT speakers are available in white and are very light, which was perfect for the thin tent poles that they’re mounted on. In addition to providing clear, focused sound, the output is spectacular and they’re visually appealing.”  

As a concert destination known for its dedication to quality, innovation and diversity in programming, it makes sense that even Caramoor’s announcement system has been outfitted with an exceptional brand. “FBT speakers offer incredible power and clarity,” adds Nathan. “They’re made by an exceptional Italian company that’s as dedicated to innovation and quality in its speakers as Caramoor is in its dedication to music.” Right out of the box, it seems, FBT speakers simply provide a superior sound that’s music to everyone’s ears. 

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