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Youth Worship Festival Uses Allen & Heath Consoles

The international youth worship festival held in Kiev, Ukraine, used four Allen & Heath consoles—two ML5000 VCA mixers, a GL4000, and a GL2200

Youth Worship Festival Uses Allen & Heath Consoles

Sep 7, 2006 8:00 AM

Kiev, Ukraine-based PA company Sendi Pro Sound & Stage recently managed sound reinforcement for the largest international youth worship festival, which was held at the Kiev Sports Palace. The festival employed four Allen & Heath consoles—two ML5000 VCA mixers, a GL4000, and a GL2200.

More than 4,000 young people of all denominations from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, as well as Western Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia, attended the two-day “My Time” festival.

The event comprised motivational sermons, DJs, and live performances from leading religious rock, pop, and folk bands. Headline artists were Delirious (U.K.), New Jerusalem (Belarus), Drujki (Russia), and Masada (Ukraine/Canada), with support from GX International, Kick Off, Calvary Chapel Band (Ukraine), Hill Song Praise Band (Ukraine), and Team X-Treme.

Yury Khomenko, technical manager at Allen & Heath’s Ukrainian distribution company, Real Music, supported Sendi at the event.

He explains, “On stage we had two sets of back-line equipment—one for the headline acts and one for the support acts…. Sendi employed a 48-channel ML5000 VCA console as the FOH mixer for the headliners, with a 32-channel ML5000 on monitors as some bands required up to eight stage monitor lines, stereo monitor side fills, and additional drum fills, whilst Delirious also used IEMs, and additional side fills and subwoofer for their left-handed drummer.

“The support acts had a 32-channel GL4000 managing FOH sound and a 24-channel GL2200 for monitor mixes. Sendi’s stagebox only had 48 channels (four x Klark Teknik DN 1248 Plus splitters) so the sound crew used the direct outputs from the GL2200 to provide the additional splitters needed. Despite the distance between FOH and monitor consoles—approximately 50 meters [160ft.]—the signals from the direct outs were excellent quality. Even with the configuration difficulties, the resulting sound more than satisfied the musicians and production team.”

Other kit used for the production included Meyer speakers, with EQ and processing from Lexicon, dbx and Yamaha.

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