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Ford F-150 Lightning Pro for work

Built for site work with power tools in mind and the Mega Power Frunk--reservations are open again prices are way up.

UPDATE Aug 9, 2022: Nine months ago, Ford sold out its first reservations for the F-150 Lightning across all trim levels. The company is ready to reopen reservations but at a premium between $4200 and $8900 more. Citing “significant material cost increases and other factors” as the primary reason for raising the price, Ford joins other EV makers in an effort to recoup the costs of component inflation and competition, supply chain challenges and competition for batteries.

“Current order holders awaiting delivery are not impacted by these price adjustments,” Marin Gjaja, chief customer officer, Model E, said in a statement. “We’ve announced pricing ahead of re-opening order banks so our reservation holders can make an informed decision around ordering a Lightning.”

So that Lightning Pro you didn’t reserve at $39,974 will be $46,974. The higher trim levels will see similar increases, up to nearly $100k for the Platinum Extended Range.

The Verge is reporting the price breakdown as follows:
Pro old price: $39,974; new price: $46,974
XLT old price: $52,974; new price: $59,474
XLT High old price $62,474 (est.); new price: $68,474
XLT High / Extended Range old price: $73,974; new price: $80,974
Lariat old price: $67,074; new price: $74,474
Lariat Extended Range old price: $77,074; new price: $85,974
Platinum Extended Range old price: $92,669; new price: $96,874

Ford has added some features to help offset the price increases. The $7500 EV tax credit will not apply until Ford can get its Made in USA component percentage up to 40%. [email protected]

UPDATE May 13, 2022: The reviews are in.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning First Drive Review: A True Game-Changer (Tim Stevens)
This truck brings a number of new capabilities to the table that no other truck on the planet can achieve. It can, for example, haul up to 400 pounds of cargo in its weatherproof frunk. (Need to bring home five bags of concrete in the rain? Leave the tarp at home.) Far and away the F-150 Lightning’s hallmark trick, however, is its vehicle-to-load functionality. With V2L, you can use the truck to power… anything, even an entire house. Ford says the extended-range battery is enough to power an average home for three days, which for professionals, might mean no more costly, droning generator rentals at the job site.  [email protected]

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning First Drive Review: Rebirth Of A Legend (Tom Moloughney)
I’ve been saying for a long time that EVs won’t gain much public acceptance in the US until there’s an electric pickup truck that can work like a pickup truck. I know Rivian was the first electric pickup to hit the streets (by a few months), but as good as the R1T is, it’s no work truck. The Lightning is. [email protected]

The most important EV of the decade? We drive the F-150 Lightning (Jonathan M. Gitlin)
The body might look like most F-150s, but that’s the beauty of using a body-on-frame construction. And unlike the other electric pickups we’ve driven in the last few months, this one is resolutely body-on-frame. That’s where a lot of the hard work has gone. The battery pack, encased in its protective shell, is isolated from the frame rather than just being bolted in—better to resist the shocks and vibrations that may occur, according to Ford’s engineers. [email protected] TECHNICA

Silver F-150 Lightning parked

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro First Drive: Low Price, Huge Appeal (Basem Wasef)
As refreshing as it is to blast ahead in near silence with copious torque, the Lightning’s independent rear suspension setup steals the show by making the fossil-fuel-burning models’ leaf spring setup feel like it predates the Pleistocene era. Remarkably, we spent three hours rolling across Texas back roads and superslabs without an iota of fatigue. Equally gratifying: the instant-on, traction-control-triggering, tail-squatting thrust summoned when squashing the accelerator pedal. For all the pomp and bluster of the F-150 Raptor, the Lighting Pro delivers similarly stirring performance with only a subtle hint of fabricated motor noise. Don’t like the sound? It can be turned off in a touchscreen submenu. [email protected]
Ford F-150 Lightning Charging


UPDATE December 09, 2021: Ford has stopped taking reservations for the all-electric F-150 Lightning as it prepares to start making and shipping the new pickup truck in the first half of 2022. The company says it has collected 200,000 refundable $100 deposits for the Lightning since it debuted in May.

Ford F-150 Lightning Announced

May 25, 2021: Ford is introducing the all-new 2022 F-150 Lightning Pro – the first-ever all-electric F-Series truck purpose-built for commercial customers; it joins E-Transit in the growing lineup of Ford work-ready electric vehicles, backed by a nationwide network offering EV-certified fleet sales, service and financing.

Perhaps most importantly it does what Tesla didn’t by providing a huge bank of handy AC outlets to leverage the massive battery, and also making it possible to integrate the truck a backup generator for your house, office, RV, or site hut.

Ford F-Series, America’s best-selling truck for 45 years1, charges into the future with the 2022 F-150® Lightning™ pickup, elevated by all the advantages of electrification and packed with connected technology.

F-150 Lightning is the smartest, most innovative F-150 that Ford has ever built, with the freedom of a 10-kilowatt smart power plant on wheels, software updates that can make it even better over time and Built Ford Tough capability.

F-150 Lightning is the fastest-accelerating F-150 yet, with a 0-60 mph time in the mid-4-second range when equipped with an extended-range battery. Wickedly quick off the mark, quiet, smooth and exhilarating to drive, F-150 Lightning unlocks new capabilities for truck owners, like enough energy to power an entire home for up to three days2 if needed and a massive lockable Mega Power Frunk with power and charging capabilities.

All this is backed by proven Built Ford Tough F-Series durability and capability and the largest public charging network in North America.3

Electric capability, more power on tap at an affordable price
Starting at an MSRP* of $39,974, F-150 Lightning Pro offers value and performance with standard range battery and dual motor power 4×4 targeting 426 horsepower** and a targeted EPA-estimated 230 miles of range; available extended-range version targeting 563 horsepower** and a targeted EPA-estimated range of 300 miles starts at an MSRPof $49,974

More space, reliable upfitting
First-ever Ford Mega Power Frunk, offering 14.1 cubic feet of lockable, water-tight storage and the capacity to carry up to 400 pounds; it comes standard with four 120-volt AC outlets and two USB ports, with two more outlets in the cab and two in the 5.5-foot rear cargo bed, which is ready for easy upfitting with its familiar F-150 dimensions and mounting points.

Pro Power Onboard is a built-in AC power source that comes standard with 2.4 kilowatts of capability through four outlets in the Mega Power Frunk, two more in the cabin and two in the bed. Available 9.6-kilowatt Pro Power Onboard – with enough power to rip up to 30 miles of half-inch plywood on a single charge on the extended-range battery – adds two more 120V and a 240-volt AC outlet in the bed. Both versions automatically adjust the truck’s battery range estimates as power is used.
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Revealed: 300-Mile Range, Sub-$40K Price
Front and center is the first-ever Mega Power Frunk on an F-Series pickup. Under the hood, where an internal combustion engine used to be, is a spacious, high-tech cargo area complete with four 120-volt AC Pro Power Onboard electrical outlets and two USB ports. It also features a rugged, water-tight space, with one-way drain for cleaning.

Here’s the full download from Ford (press release with all the caveats):
America’s best-selling line of commercial vehicles†† unveils the newest member of its growing work-ready lineup – the all-new, all-electric 2022 F-150 Lightning® Pro. Purpose built for commercial customers, it blends familiar Built Ford Tough power, capability and durability with a high-tech electric platform that adds new capabilities and features designed to improve productivity and reduce operating costs – while also delivering zero emissions.

Registrations open today at and when it arrives next year, it will be supported by an established network of 644 electric vehicle-certified Ford Commercial Vehicle Centers across the U.S. offering sales, service, financing and charging solutions, as well as 2,300 EV-certified Ford dealers.

“F-150 Lightning Pro represents so much more than an electric workhorse – it’s made for commercial customers inside and out, it gets better over time, and it’s totally plugged into always-on services that can help business productivity,” said Jim Farley, president and CEO, Ford Motor Company. “As more companies make the commitment to go carbon neutral, they are going to expect electric products that can integrate into their operations easily. Ford is so uniquely positioned to answer this call because we have a zero-emissions pickup and van, many of our customers want both vehicles in their fleet.”

Power, capability, value and range tailored for commercial customers

The all-new F-150 Lightning Pro makes no compromise in terms of innovation, power or capability. Affordably priced, F-150 Lightning Pro makes it easy to go electric with amazing new capabilities plus affordable and easy commercial charging solutions.

With a starting MSRP* of $39,974 before tax incentives, the always-on 4×4 F-150 Lightning Pro with the standard range battery targets an EPA-estimated 230-mile range and includes a complimentary 32-amp Ford Mobile Charger, making the transition affordable for small and medium-size businesses. Targeted to generate 426 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft. of torque** with its standard lithium-ion battery, the base truck has a targeted 2,000-pound maximum payload capacity and is targeting up to 5,000 pounds of towing capability – and up to 7,700 pounds with the optional Max Trailer Tow package‡‡. For all models, maximum payload is based on accessories and vehicle configuration.

Where more power, towing and range are needed, F-150 Lightning Pro can be optioned as an extended-range version with a targeted EPA-estimated 300-mile range† starting at an MSRP* of $49,974 before tax incentives. This version offers customers a targeted 563-horsepower 4×4 powertrain, while torque remains 775 lb.-ft.** It includes an 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro, which, when combined with the included onboard dual chargers, enables affordable Level 2 overnight charging using battery-friendly AC power – negating the need for expensive DC power installation. Equipped with the optional Max Trailer Tow Package, targeted maximum towing increases to 10,000 pounds‡‡.

“More than 145 million miles of telematics data show that for the average F-150 commercial customer in the U.S., 95% of their daily travel is less than 174 miles,” said Ted Cannis, general manager, Ford North America commercial business. “Commercial customers track their business expenses closely – they buy what they need and not a penny more.”

To help gauge potential purchase and operating cost savings, Ford commercial customers have exclusive access to a new Ford digital fleet planning tool that calculates a variety of factors including purchase and lease costs, federal and regional tax incentives, and regional fuel and energy costs. F-150 Lightning Pro targets reducing scheduled maintenance costs by 40% over eight years and 100,000 miles – with potential for further operational cost savings through lower fuel costs.

“The digital fleet planning tool will help demonstrate how Ford can provide many customers improved total cost of ownership for a full-size commercial electric truck, from favorable purchase costs, lower fuel and maintenance costs plus strong residual values we expect will mirror those of the commercial F-Series trucks,” said Cannis. “Best of all, it comes wrapped in a trusted Built Ford Tough-tested truck that delivers what our customers love about F-Series today.”

Built Ford Tough for today’s commercial and government customers

F-150 Lightning Pro electric undergoes the same rigorous Built Ford Tough durability testing as all F-Series trucks. This means millions of miles of harsh testing at Ford facilities across the United States and on the road, and in the hands of commercial customers. The same is true for the battery and powertrain, which will endure a grueling array of tests that includes hundreds of charges and runs across rocks, stones, mud baths, up high grades in desert heat – with trailers attached, and in icy temperatures at 40-degrees below zero.

The military-grade aluminum alloy body and upgraded high-strength steel frame support the advanced battery, while the first F-Series independent rear suspension and low center of gravity help improve isolation from the road, provide a stable ride and reduce steering roll – all while maintaining the durability and reliability expected of an F-150. Advanced cooling systems help ensure the truck can thrive even through the toughest of ordeals, while thick, high-strength aluminum alloy protects the components and steel underbody shields are added for extra protection of the battery and dual electric in-board motors in the front and rear.

“Ford commercial trucks are the backbone for many of our customers’ businesses, which is why we put them through testing so harsh, some areas can only be driven by robots,” Cannis said. “This helps ensure that when we say the F-150 Lightning is Built Ford Tough, customers understand what that means for their business.”

New spaces, capability and electric-enabled technology for serious work

Going electric with the F-150 Lightning Pro brings a host of new technologies and features never before possible in a commercial pickup.

Front and center is the first-ever Mega Power Frunk on an F-Series pickup. Under the hood, where an internal combustion engine used to be, is a spacious, high-tech cargo area complete with four 120-volt AC Pro Power Onboard electrical outlets and two USB ports. It also features a rugged, water-tight space strong enough to store 400 pounds of cement bags. Under the powered waterfall hood with bumper-height opening, this well-lit space can be locked, unlocked and accessed from either the remote key fob, an exterior button or from inside the vehicle. A one-way drain makes cleaning easy.

“When we first showed this design to our commercial truck customers, they were floored,” said Cannis. “They appreciated the ability to quickly lock their tools and gear up front, while saving their cargo bed for supplies and other equipment to get the job done. So much more easy access space means commercial customers can rethink the way they work, like moving toolboxes to the frunk for unobstructed bed space.”

Pro Power Onboard is a built-in AC power source that comes standard with 2.4 kilowatts of capability through four outlets in the Mega Power Frunk, two more in the cabin and two in the bed. Available 9.6-kilowatt Pro Power Onboard – with enough power to rip up to 30 miles of half-inch plywood on a single charge on the extended-range battery – adds two more 120V and a 240-volt AC outlet in the bed. Both versions automatically adjust the truck’s battery range estimates as power is used. Fleet managers can set parameters for power usage. Should Pro Power Onboard deplete the battery charge level to the point the truck cannot reach a charge location, it will shut down automatically or based on a pre-determined customer setting to prevent the truck from becoming stranded.

F-150 Lightning Pro will be offered in a full-size four-door, five-passenger SuperCrew configuration. It features easy-to-clean vinyl seats along with standard SYNC® 4 with 12-inch color LCD touch screen and 12-inch productivity screen, plus standard Ford Co-Pilot360 2.0 – a comprehensive collection of driver-assist features. A full-size spare tire is mounted under the 5.5-foot cargo bed – which has similar mounting points to the current F-150 for easy upfitting along with a standard Class IV hitch.

The truck’s Intelligent Range system reduces range anxiety through an adaptive monitoring system that calculates battery range needed to complete a trip, factoring in terrain, weather, cargo and trailer load, and distance to destination. That data is shared with the cloud-based Ford Power My Trip feature and SYNC 4, so customers can plan their routes and monitor charge use while driving. Should range become low, the system maps the nearest available charging station from America’s largest public charging network of more than 63,000 plugs§ – including DC Fast Charging locations – to help ensure drivers are not left stranded.

Onboard Scales are available to monitor payload for even more accurate range calculations, while vehicle pre-conditioning – standard across the lineup – can manage cabin temperatures while plugged in to further optimize range. Acceleration and speed limiters come standard to further aid with range and driver safety.

Smart charging solutions made easy

F-150 Lightning Pro comes with a variety of standard and optional smart charging hardware accessories, while multiple available software technologies effortlessly manage charging data and charge transactions for turnkey fleet operation. This includes mapping, driver status and location, and fleet expenses.

Charging hardware starts with the 32-amp Ford Mobile Charger, a 120/240-volt AC charger that’s included with the standard-range F-150 Lightning Pro. An optional higher-capacity 48-amp Ford Connected Charge Station runs on 240 volts while the available 240-volt, 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro further speeds up charge times for maximum AC home and fleet charging.

Ford is the only automaker to offer an 80-amp charge station as standard equipment with the extended-range truck, helping customers easily charge at home. It takes advantage of the only dual onboard charging system in the industry to cut the 15% to 100% charge time to around eight hours for the targeted EPA-estimated 300-mile-range battery for reliable AC overnight charging that can dramatically reduce charging infrastructure investments and battery wear.

When rapid charging is needed on the road, customers can leverage the Ford Charging Network’s 150-kilowatt Level 3 DC fast charging locations that can deliver a 15% to 80% charge in less than 45 minutes§§ – about the time for a typical lunch break.

Estimated charge times
15% to 100% at 240 volts
Standard-range battery with targeted 230 miles Extended-range battery with targeted 300 miles
32-amp Ford Mobile Charger 14 hours 19 hours
48-amp Ford Connected Charge Station 10 hours 13 hours
80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro 10 hours 8 hours
150-kilowatt DC Fast Charging (15% to 80%) 44 minutes 41 minutes

With the Ford EV Telematics dashboard active, vehicle data is shared seamlessly over the cloud so fleet managers can track vehicle health, status and range, log and pay for public charging events centrally, reimburse employees for home charging, remotely pre-condition the cabin while plugged in, and generate alerts and reports for depot and operational efficiency.

Intelligent telematics and electric vehicle data tools to manage your fleet

When activated, the standard 4G LTE modem unlocks a number of seamless connectivity services to help fleets optimize efficiency and lower operating costs. Electric vehicle-specific data, such as kilowatt-hour consumption, charge speed, distance to empty and more, are available to better understand how trucks are operating in real-time to optimize running costs and uptime.

Additionally, the Ford Telematics and EV Telematics dashboard offer in-cab driver coaching, remote vehicle pre-conditioning and severe incident notifications to inform operators should their vehicles be involved in an accident where the airbag is triggered. Email and in-app alerts can relay the driver involved, as well as location and time of crash.

F-150 Lightning Pro will be built by UAW-represented hourly employees at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan.

To register now for the all-new 2022 F-150 Lightning Pro or to learn more about Ford’s newest fleet vehicles, visit

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* Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. Taxes, title and registration fees extra.

** Based on manufacturer testing using computer engineering simulations. Calculated via peak performance of the electric motor at peak battery power. Your results may vary. 

† Based on full charge. U.S. EPA-targeted range reflecting current status based on analytical projection consistent with U.S. EPA combined drive cycle. Actual range varies with conditions such as external environment, vehicle use, vehicle maintenance, lithium-ion battery age and state of health. Final EPA-estimated ratings available in the 2022 calendar year.

†† Based on IHS Markit CY1985-2020 US TIPNet Registrations excluding registrations to individuals. TIP Registrations prior to 2010 do not include all GVW 1 and 2 vehicles.

‡ Scheduled maintenance costs compared to 2.7L EcoBoost gas model based on recommended service schedule as published in the Owner’s Manual. Analysis reflects Ford Motor Company’s standard method for calculating scheduled maintenance cost and reflects data available in 2020. Fuel costs based on national average cost of electricity vs. gas from (

‡‡ Maximum towing varies based on cargo, vehicle configuration, accessories and number of passengers.

§ Based on original equipment manufacturers (OEM)/automotive manufacturers that sell all-electric vehicles and have publicly announced charging networks. Department of Energy data used. FordPass, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a download. Message and data rates may apply.

§§ Charge time based on manufacturer computer engineering simulations. The charging rate decreases as battery reaches full capacity. Your results may vary based on peak charging times and battery state of charge.

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