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Zoom SDK debuts

Zoom wants developers to extend the Zoom ecosystem by taking its features to other GUIs

According to a company blog post from Zoom product marketing manager Natalie Mullin, Zoom has released a new SDK (software development kit) to help developers build Zoom into their software. Accordingly “you can now build your own “video-based applications and websites” on top of Zoom’s platform and can more easily incorporate Zoom’s video and audio features directly into your apps.”

The company specifically sees developers deploying Zoom’s chat functions in a number of different settings, from social media and gaming platforms to virtual retail apps.

Importantly this can open up Zoom features for non-Zoom meeting GUIs. “Using our Video SDK, developers can drive customer engagement and provide new opportunities for revenue without being tied to the Zoom Meetings user interface,” Mullin writes

This is part of a wider push to get Zoom’s tools into developers’ hands.  Zoom is also reportedly rolling out a centralized portal where developers can learn about and access available developer tools. “We want to be able to have a single point where developers can go to learn about all of the tools and resources that are available for them in the Zoom platform for their work in development,” Zoom CTO Brendan Ittelson told TechCrunch. And there’s a new analytics dashboard where developers can monitor how their users are interacting with the new Zoom features.

The case study example is Lingmo, a cloud-based AI translation software provider which used Zoom’s Video SDK to build Lingmo Captions, which provides instant translated captions for meetings. This application not only enables communication among people who speak different languages, but also enhances the user experience by providing additional opportunities for engagement.

Since pandemic made Zoom ubiquitous, the company has consistently added new tools to keep up with competitors like Google Meet, including expanded accessibility featuresfacial effects, and security improvements.

The Zoom Developer Platform includes:

  • APIs
  • SDKs
  • Chatbots
  • Webhooks
  • Distribution for applications & integrations

The latest release includes more detailed performance analytics to give developers additional insights into the performance and usage of their applications on the Zoom App Marketplace. Over the coming months, the company is promising more updates to improve application and integration discoverability.

How to get started with Zoom SDK
Zoom has released a new ‘Buy Now’ option which allows developers to create a Video SDK developer account immediately. After just a few steps, developers can begin building with Zoom’s Video SDK in a matter of minutes.

There’s no charge to get started with up to 10,000 session minutes per month —  additional minutes will be charged on a per-minute basis from that point on. We also offer an annual volume plan that starts with a $1,000 annual commitment and includes 30,000 session minutes per month with additional minutes charged on a per-minute basis.

If you’re interested in Zoom’s Video SDK but have additional questions before getting started, please select ‘Contact Sales’ on the Video SDK page, fill out the contact details form, and our ISV team will reach out to you shortly.

Visit our Zoom Developer site for more information about our developer platform and our other developer solutions.

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