Alliance Theater Upgrades, Atlanta, Georgia

Innova Son's fully digital, completely recallable Compact console was chosen for use in the South's largest regional theater. Atlanta's Alliance Theater
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Alliance Theater Upgrades, Atlanta, Georgia

Nov 8, 2001 12:00 PM, E. Price

Innova Son's fully digital, completely recallable Compact consolewas chosen for use in the South's largest regional theater. Atlanta'sAlliance Theater company recently replaced its older console andrevamped the entire mid section of its sound system.

The new system's signal chain is headed by the outputs from a clutchof Sennheiser SK 50s using EM 3032 receiver wireless microphones. Thereceivers feed into the 60-input, 40-output Innova Son Stage Box, whichpreamplifies and digitizes the signals for transport over two petitecoaxial cables. The theater chose Innova Son for its easy-to-installcharacteristics. A BSS Soundweb handles the majority of the EQ,crossover filtering, delays and distribution for the theater's Crownamplifiers and Meyer loudspeakers.

The Alliance Theater Company produces six shows a season for up to330,000 audience members. So, they required equipment that could meetspecific needs for total recall and comprehensive automation. Using theInnova Son Compact console, they were able to put the console directlyin the house for more fluid and effectual mixing. Resident sounddesigner Clay Benning commented on the project: "The whole installationwent smoothly. The representatives at Sennheiser [distributors ofInnova Son in the United States] really came through...They got uswhatever we needed and ensured that everything integratedflawlessly."




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