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April 1999

April 1999


WINNING growth projects

Alan Kruglak

Whenever I think about a historical event or remember something memorable, I usually associate it with a one-liner. One of my favorites is from a recent…


Business News

Cindy Scullin

Furman to hold seminar Furman Sound, exhibiting in booth 1515 at the NSCA Expo in Nashville, TN, will conduct a multimedia seminar on power conditioning…

Video Projections

A NEW APPROACH to video/RGB switching

Pete Putman

Whenever professional A-V dealers get together these days, the subject inevitably gets around to competition from resellers of PCs and their ability to…

Clean Signals

MICS, PREAMPS and splitters

Bill Whitlock

Let me debunk a common myth. Impedance matching is a concept that does not apply to mics and preamps. Because the electrical noise floor, heard as hiss,…


Theory and practice

Jared Blankenship

In the realm of audio, we often rely on our perception to guide our equipment specification decisions, thereby introducing a degree of subjectivity. Through…

Grasping the fundamentals

Drew Daniels

Transducers are not magical or mystical, though one might think so after being exposed to sufficient loudspeaker marketing. The depth of understanding…

JBL’s Differential Drive technology

Doug Button

Historically, the pro sound industry has gone to larger diameter voice coils and more massive magnet structures to increase loudspeaker output capability…

Community Professional’s M4

Chuck McGregor

Higher SPL levels are certainly desirable in today’s pro audio systems, but improved quality and low distortion are also important. The Community M4 compression…

The Renkus-Heinz CoEntrant transducer

Ralph Heinz

The acoustically ideal transducer is sometimes described as a mass-less point source with a three decade bandwidth. Despite many attempts to approximate…

Types of magnets


Alnico magnets: The Alnico magnet is composed of aluminum, nickel and cobalt, and consequently, it is relatively strong and stable. Alnico is beneficial…

Representative and Dealer News


OWL Video Systems, Miramar, FL, appoints five new representative firms for its Seleco products: Centennial Marketing is the manufacturer’s representative…



AKG Acoustics, Nashville, TN, appoints Doug MacCallum as vice president and general manager of US operations. Sam Spennacchio has been named national…

collecting sound

Bruce Bartlett

A mic is a transducer, a device that changes one form of energy into another. Specifically, a mic changes sound into an electrical signal. A mic can be…

Looking back

R. David Read

The first recorded use of the term microphone was in 1827 when Sir Charles Wheatstone described a mechanical vibrating stethoscope. It would be 50 years…

Long-distance challenge

Janet Cunningham

Bringing the classroom to the student saves institutions money by cutting travel costs, saving time, and reducing spending on duplicated resources. Studies…

Out to sea

Rich Williams

Until five years ago, the largest cruise ship afloat was only 75,000 gross tons. Currently, there are ships afloat that are more than 100,000 gross tons,…

Sonic concealment

Duke Ducoff

There is a Monty Python sketch whose hero, Dennis Moore, robs from the rich to give to the poor. Dennis is so proficient that, after a while, the poor…

A game of numbers

Joe Brusi

Loudspeaker directivity is expressed in many different ways on spec sheets and marketing materials provided by loudspeaker manufacturers. Until there…

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