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April 2000

April 2000


MOTIVATING your employees

Alan Kruglak

Bob Dylan was wrong when he sang “The times, they are a-changing.” They have already changed. Consider employee motivation. Not too long ago, most corporate…


Shure Brothers changes name

Cindy Holst

Shure Brothers Incorporated has changed its name to Shure Incorporated. The change marks the launch of the “It’s Your Sound” branding campaign, featuring…

Renkus-Heinz establishes EASE learning lab

Cindy Holst

Renkus-Heinz has established an EASE learning lab at its Irvine, CA, headquarters. The lab accommodates nine students at a time. EASE Seminars are usually…

DMX opens offices and announces acquisition

Cindy Holst

DMX Music announces owned and operated offices in Denver and Philadelphia and the acquisition of Advanced Audio, a music and audio systems provider. DMX…

Simplex opens office in Texas

Cindy Holst

Simplex has opened a branch in Fort Worth, TX. Located at 3800 Sandshell, Suite 145 in the Fossil Creek area of North Fort Worth, the branch serves the…

Panasonic forms Security Systems Group

Cindy Holst

Panasonic Security & Digital Imaging Company announces the formation of Panasonic’s Security Systems Group (formerly the Panasonic Video Imaging Systems…

Artec announces ACI Sound Solutions

Cindy Holst

Artec Consultants announces ACE Sound Solutions, a sound, video, technical communications and technology data systems design division. ACI Sound Solutions…

SPL Ancha Electronics merges with SPL Integrated Solutions

Cindy Holst

Ancha Electronics and SPL Integrated Solutions have merged into the SPL Integrated Solutions offices, operating under the SPL Integrated Solutions name….

The SAE Institute opens North American education centers

Cindy Holst

The SAE Institute announces the opening of two North American education centers. The North American flagship center is located in New York City, and the…

Sennheiser breaks ground in Wedemark

Cindy Holst

Sennheiser held a ground breaking ceremony for its new manufacturing facility in Wedemark, Germany. Architects Bahlo, Kohnke, Stosberg & Partners designed…

Sederta upgrades SedNet adapters

Cindy Holst

Sederta announced the upgrade of its SedNet IEEE-1394 real time family of communication adapters from 200 Mbps to 400 Mbps support. In addition, the company…

KnowledgeLINK announces agreement with B & W Loudspeakers and Rotel of America

Cindy Holst

KnowledgeLINK has announced that B & W Loudspeakers and Rotel of America authorizes selected B & W/Rotel retailers who are part of the KnowledgeLINK network…

Crestron and Tektronix announce partnership

Cindy Holst

Crestron Electronics, Rockleigh, NJ, has entered into a partnership with Tektronix, Wilsonville, OR, which brings Crestron’s e-control technology to Tektronix’s…

Biamp acquires space and purchases equipment

Cindy Holst

Biamp Systems has acquired additional space and added a new production machine. The expansion will increase the company’s space by nearly 60% and will…

InFocus and Proxima announce merger agreement

Cindy Holst

InFocus and Proxima have entered into a definitive agreement to merge their activities. The combined company will develop, manufacture and market multimedia…

Turbosound completes R&D investment

Cindy Holst

Engineers Jon Crawley and Laurence Dickie have joined Turbosound’s research and development team, which has moved into a 4,000 ft superscript 2 (371.6…

Christie named OEM to manufacture digital cinema projectors

Cindy Holst

Christie Digital Systems announces that Christie Systems has been selected as the first OEM to manufacture digital cinema projectors using Texas Instruments’…

Expotus expands with LA Audio

Cindy Holst

LA Audio has announced a partnership with Expotus that aims to increase sales. LA Audio, owned by the SCV International Group, has coupled the change…

Texas Instruments signs agreement with BARCO

Cindy Holst

Texas Instruments has signed an agreement with BARCO, Kuurne, Belgium, under the terms of which BARCO will develop, manufacture and market projectors…

Crestron opens Midwest support center

Cindy Holst

Crestron’s Midwest technical and sales support center serves Crestron dealers and consultant partners in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri,…

Peavey licenses Digital Harmony

Cindy Holst

Peavey Electronics and Digital Harmony Technologies have announced a licensing agreement. Under terms of the agreement, Peavey has licensed the rights…

Video Projections

A LOOK AT what schemes may come

Peter H. Putman

Sometimes, one can get so busy that he loses track of time. Such was the case for the turn of the new year, which just flew by here. I had originally…

Contractor’s Toolbox

SUGGESTIONS for the contractor’s library

Glen Ballou

The contractor’s library is a difficult thing to specify. Does it include old books and new books? Does it include out-of-print books? Does it include…



Bruce Borgerson

The Millennium Dome, Great Britain’s spectacular celebration site, demonstrates future trends in audio systems.The Millennium Dome is big. How big? Atlanta’s…


Keith Clark

Designing and providing inconspicuous, custom-designed sound reinforcement at the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square.Stato della Citta del Vaticano, as the…


Clare Climaco

Wolf Trap’s Filene Center amphitheater unveils a new, versatile sound reinforcement system for the 2000 season.If the Kennedy Center is America’s White…


Joyce Jorgenson

A theatre in the round, Marriott’s Lincolnshire Theatre required special attention to deliver sufficient intelligibility and SPL to every seat in the…


Wolfgang Ahnert, Jim Brown and Helmut R. Grothe

Integrating a high-quality, expandable digital audio system at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.In its original form, the Deutsche Oper was inaugurated in November…

REVOLUTION in digital signal distribution

Josh Kairoff

A few years ago, I would spend more time spell checking and retyping than actually writing. The normal analog typewriter established limits in writing…

Industry Notes and the Latest News

Myrio and Grant County PUD The Grant County Public Utility District (Ephrata, Washington) has an agreement with Myrio Corporation. Myrio will install…

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