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Audio Spotlight

Powered Mixer/Amplifier Sony The SRP-X351P audio/video mixer/power-amplifier is designed for applications such as

Audio Spotlight

Jan 1, 2002 12:00 PM

Powered Mixer/Amplifier

Sony Electronics

The SRP-X351P audio/video mixer/power-amplifier is designed for applications such as corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, houses of worship and sports bars. It features a built-in video switcher, and it offers four balanced XLR mic channels with switchable 48-volt phantom power, three stereo line inputs; stereo and master record outputs and more.
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Power Gate


Typical gates have slow attack time to prevent clicking and other artifacts, but the PowerGate DS501 does not. It couples a frequency-tunable high-speed expander to the same threshold as the gate.
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Headband Microphone

DPA Microphones

The 4066 consists of a microphone boom and a brace. The boom is neatly fitted into the brace by a loop and three clips. The actual microphone is the same as the one used in the 4065, with increased adjustment capability so a new person can use the 4066 every day. Maximum SPL is 144 dB.
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Monitoring System


The VA1000 is an integrated monitoring system for use in teleconferencing and presentations where large video monitors are not practical. It has a small footprint, high resolution and ultra-bright LCD display. And it can be used with most commercially available gooseneck microphones.
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Audio Imaging Processor

Solid State Logic Systems

TiMax audio imaging and virtual surround matrix processors, exclusively distributed by SSL, can be used for theater, corporate events, rock shows, dance clubs and other themed presentation environments. They create effective 5.1 film surround outcomes in large arena presentations and include comprehensive, cue-driven show control resources with timecode, MIDI and serial interfaces for multimedia systems integration.
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FBT Pro Audio

Two new models in the FBT MaxX series of powered and passive polypropylene cabinet speakers are the FBT MaxX 6, the 700-watt RMS passive model, and the FBT MaxX 6a, the 900-watt RMS bi-amplified powered model. Both feature a 15-inch B&C woofer with a 3-inch voice coil, die-cast aluminum frame and neodymium magnet structure. Both models have a maximum SPL of 128 dB and frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz.
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Loudspeaker System


The Kanguro loudspeaker system is made up of two units (a subwoofer unit and a satellite enclosure) that fit one inside the other to reduce transport space. Available in two versions — “A” (self powered) and “P” (passive) — it gives a maximum acoustic pressure of almost 130 dB over its entire range, from 35 Hz to 18 kHz.
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Mach Speakers

Ballister Subs work in long-throw applications together with high-output top-boxes like line arrays or large traditional arrays. Ballister Subs are broadband, horn-loaded subwoofers that combine high output with a low-Q design. They produce 1000 watts and include a symmetrical loading design, skid-lock system for safe stacking, and 36mm woofer mounting board.
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Innova SON

Building on its Sensory Series, Innova SON introduced the Sensory Large Scale Series console. The Large Scale console can process 96 input channels, 46 pre-mix buses and 20 matrix and LCR master buses using a clear 20-bit interface/40-bit internal word size. All internal and external routing is completely flexible. Comprehensive monitoring resources provide PLF, AFL and APL listening at any point in the signal path.
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Wireless Microphone System

Audio Engineering

Micron by Audio Engineering produces the 700 Series: the TX700 belt pack transmitter, TX703 handheld transmitter, SDR770 small diversity receiver and MR700 monitoring receiver. The series now features tough and lightweight one-piece aluminum cases with a unique, quick-access battery compartment. The products are available with a choice of switching bandwidths to suit individual applications.
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Eighteen Sound

The 18W1300 (pictured) is an 18-inch low-frequency transducer similar to the 18LW1400, but with a lighter mass and increased sensitivity of 99.5 dB SPL, 1W/1m, with 100mm coil at 600 watts RMS. The 18LW800 18-inch low-frequency transducer combines high linear excursion with high sensitivity, also at 99.5 dB SPL, 1W/1m, with a 75mm coil at 400 watts RMS.
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USP2 Adapter

Crown Audio

Crown’s IQ-PIP USP2 adapter allows Crown’s non-PIP2 compatible amplifiers to accept the popular IQ-PIP USP2 module. By installing a USP2 module into the back of a Crown amp, audio system operators can have programmable DSP filters, signal delay, thermal limiter, auto standby, input signal compressor/limiter, clip eliminator, presets, error reporting, aux input/output, listen bus and signal recording.
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