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Audio/Video Products

S&VC spotlights selected contracting products, with links to manufacturer sites.

Audio/Video Products

Feb 1, 2002 12:00 PM

CD/DVD Players


The DVM-1800P is designed to deliver DVD, CD or Video CD with ample playback and viewing features. It has a 10-bit/27MHz video D/A converter, as well as composite, component and S-video outputs. It has Burr-Brown 24-bit/96kHz DACs coupled with 2.1 analog outputs. Also from Denon, the CDR-W1500P dual-drive/dual-tray CD recorder/player can interface various playback and recording needs. Both of its decks feature a set of digital coaxial, digital optical and standard analog outputs with 24-bit Analog Devices D/A converters.
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Line Array

Meyer Sound

Meyer’s M3D self-powered line-array system is designed for high-power, critical quality sound reinforcement in mid-sized to larger venues. Horizontal and vertical coverage span from 18 kHz to 40 Hz. And, the cabinet incorporates the main elements of BroadbandQ technology.
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Drop-in Coaxial Ceiling Speaker

Sound-Craft Systems

Ready for installation in standard 2×2-foot T-bar ceiling grids, the CSP820 has a sensitivity level of 96 dB (1W/1m), with a 120°×120° beam width. Frequency response is 85 Hz to 18 kHz ±4 dB, with a rated power handling capacity of 20 watts AES.
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Mic Mount

DPA Microphones

The CXO4000 features mounting for DPA compact cardioid microphones in coincident XY stereo configuration, near-coincident ORTF combined time, and intensity difference stereo configuration. It is possible to use both stereo setups simultaneously. The holder is lightweight, made of black anodized aluminum and ethyl propylene rubber rings.
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Compact Powered Subwoofer

ARX Systems

Featuring a dual-vented enclosure with integral steel grilles and recessed handles, the SPL 28 has a fully integrated amplifier/speaker combination with ARX’s proprietary ISC system protection. Frequency response is 38 to 100 Hz, ±6 dB. Maximum SPL is 124 dB peak, 120 dB continuous.
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SymNet is a modular, networkable audio mixing, routing and processing solution for installed sound systems. It has four onboard SHARC processors; and all system design is done via CAD-style control software. All inputs are switchable between mic and line level. No outboard mic preamps are required. It comes with generators, freely assignable meters and a 4-trace oscilloscope.
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Radian Audio Engineering

Radian’s 365, a 6.5-inch two-way coaxial transducer, features a 0.75-inch Mylar dome tweeter with a 6.5-inch woofer. Frequency response is 60 Hz to 12 kHz (-6 dB at 12 kHz). It has 60 watts RMS handling capability and a sensitivity of 91 dB (1W/1m). The even, controlled directivity and conical pattern and 90° nominal dispersion are designed for music and paging applications in foreground or background sound systems.
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Multisource Hub


The A-H484 multisource, multizone hub provides four independent sources to four zones with the flexibility to expand to four additional zones. The addition of a multisource option to the A-BUS line provides even more control than before. Features of the A-H484 include IR routing, common IR out and a 12VDC trigger out.
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Speaker Technology


EtherSpeaker v1.0 networked speaker technology enhances established technologies to create audio networks easily and economically using standard Ethernet cabling and components. Up to 32 channels of 24-bit digital audio, plus control information, may be transported to any number of speakers.
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The CS1.6 has a compact cabinet with a 2-inch-thick front baffle and 1-inch-thick cabinet walls. Bandwidth is 48 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB). Amplitude response is 50 Hz to 20 kHz (±2 dB). Sensitivity is 90 dB at 2.8 V-1m. Impedance is 4 ohms.
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CD Recorder


CD-RW4U is a rewritable CD recorder/player with similar functions to the CD-R700 mechanism in a compact design. CD-RW4U can record to both professional and consumer CD-R/RW media; and almost any available CD-R/RW media can be used for copying of the user’s own material. The unit can defeat SCMS codes, allowing multiple CD copies. And the built-in sample rate converter automatically adjusts differing program sample rates before burning to a disk. It has a front-panel control surface with mini headphone jack, a program input level control and a VU level meter on the LED screen.
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Available in two versions, M12C and M12CP, the new series of loudspeakers from MacPherson have an asymmetrical cabinet design so they can be used as floor monitors or for main system applications. The M12C is configured for bi-amplified operation. The M12CP incorporates an internal crossover for full-range operation using a single amp channel.
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Pro Headphones


Sennheiser’s HD 280 pro headphones fit isolation from ambient noise with precise and linear sound reproduction at high SPLs into a practical, comfortable design. The ergonomically designed circumaural ear-pieces can be rotated flat. HD 280 can be used for broadcast applications, studio monitoring or DJ applications.
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Architectural Loudspeakers

Martin Professional

A “disguised” solution to delivering sound, the Mach ViroSound concept is based on a unique flat loudspeaker technology that was designed with light, thin materials. Theme parks, shopping malls, and pedestrian streets would all be well-served by ViroSound, which can function as both a loudspeaker and light reflector. In the ViroSound line, the ViroStation consists of two oval panel speakers mounted on a slim post and illuminated by two Martin Exterior 200 CMY color-changers. An active subwoofer is built in. It is available in indoor and outdoor versions.
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CD Players

Marantz Professional

Available from Superscope Technologies, the CC3000P 5-disc CD changer, the CD5000P CD player and the SD4050P dual cassette deck are packaged with an uninstalled custom rackmount kit. The CC3000P will play CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs for up to six hours of continuous music. Up to three discs at a time can be changed while another is playing. The CD5000P plays CD-RW discs, displays CD text and includes an RC5 serial control port for AMX and Crestron wired control systems. The SD4050P is a 19-inch, 3RU auto-reverse, dual-well cassette deck for continuous-play sound installation and tape-dubbing applications.
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Ventilating System

Active Thermal Management

Cool-tubes consists of a pair of flexible, acoustically insulated tubes. Each tube incorporates an inline module housing two virtually silent fans. One tube brings fresh air in, and the other exhausts hot air, for thermostatically controlled silent ventilation in smaller enclosures. The tubes connect easily to attractive diffusers that mount to the exterior walls of the enclosure to be ventilated. The were designed for use with video projectors.
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Digital Mixing Console


The fully automated DDX3216 is a 32-channel, 16-bus digital console with eight aux sends and flexible routing options. Features include high-power floating point DSP technology, high-resolution 24-bit AKM A/D and Crystal D/A converters, and four effects processors.
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Five Eliminator models were introduced at Winter NAMM. The Eliminator I is a full-range two-way loudspeaker with a frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz and 350 watts continuous power handling. The Eliminator II has the same frequency response with 600 watts continuous power handling. The Eliminator I Sub has a frequency response of 40 to 100 Hz, with 400 watts power handling. The Eliminator kW features a 35-160Hz frequency response with 800 watts continuous power. The Eliminator I amplifier features a built-in LPN module that compensates for internal dampening losses and system distortion. It is rated at 380 watts per channel at 8 ohms, 600 watts per channel at 4 ohms and 850 watts at 2 ohms at 1 kHz.
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Bag End

The ELF-powered subwoofer, the Infra-12, is similar to Bag End’s Infrasub-18, but with a smaller size. For more information, visit Bag End’s Web site.
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Digital Network Surveillance

Panasonic Security Systems Group

The WJ-NT204 features CODEC technology that provides CCTV systems capabilities and video streaming with a Web server when used in a digital Ethernet configuration. The unit can interface with existing analog video surveillance systems by connecting directly to a camera source or switcher. It can be used as a video surveillance systems component in a digital network controlled by a PC, or as a standalone network interface in an analog system. It has a maximum transmission speed of 30 frames per second at a maximum threshold of 1 megabyte per second. It also accepts up to eight alarm inputs and is capable of storing up to 100 alarm logs.
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AKG Acoustics

AKG’s DFM 4×4 DSP is designed for conference centers, large houses of worship, multipurpose halls and hotels. This 4-channel digital signal processor is based on 32-bit DSP with 24-bit A/D-D/A converters. Internal calculations are carried out with greater than 1600 dB dynamic range. An integrated Automatic Digital Feedback Eliminator on the DFM 4×4 detects and attenuates feedback frequencies using 1/5-octave notch filters and provides up to 12 user-adjustable filters that can be combined as desired on each channel. Also included are automatic notch filters and several different EQ functions.
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Now featuring LCoS image-forming elements, ImagePro9115 combines progressive-scan technology with a 1365×1024 native resolution and a contrast ratio of 600:1. It outputs 1500 lumens, weighs 12 pounds and can display computer input signals of VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA (compressed), Mac 13-inch and Mac 16-inch. It can also display video signals in the composite, S-video and component forms. For component video, it is capable of 480i, 480p, 570i, 720p and 1080i signal display. Multiple connections are possible with three RGB (computer) inputs, three video inputs, RS-232 control, and mouse control via the IR remote.
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Extron Electronics

The DDS 402 digital display scaler scales computer video and component video signals up or down to one of 33 output rates. It accepts any input resolution up to 1600 by 1200, with scan rates up to 120 kHz, and converts the signal to the native resolution of a lower-resolution display device. It can output resolutions up to 1365 by 1024, including HDTV rates of 720p, 1080p and 1080i.
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LCD Projector


The XP-8t LCD projector offers true 1024×768 XGA resolution (compressed 1280×1024 SXGA) and outputs 1100 ANSI lumens. A power management function shuts off the lamp if there is no signal for five minutes. It is HDTV-compatible and has a component video input.
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The Altinex 2001-2002 Catalog covers over 400 signal management solutions for A/V presentation systems. Products fall into a variety of categories: computer/video interfaces, distribution amplifiers, high-end matrix switching solutions, cable assemblies, special application products and accessories. Each product features detailed specifications, front/back panel drawings and application diagrams.
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Icon Library


Crestron’s new icon library has icons that make touchpanel design more user friendly. Each icon within the library comes in three pixel sizes: 16 by 16, 32 by 32 and 48 by 48. Each icon also comes in two versions so it can have an inactive and an active state. The image library is available online at no charge.
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Optical Fiber Adapter


Richco’s new Optical Fiber Connector Adapter will transform a cut-out for an SC connector into a cut-out for an ST connector. The OFCA’s 1-piece snap-in design provides the end user with an easy push-in application and increased flexibility.
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A/V Router Management


Pathfinder provides centralized management of audio-video interconnections in broadcast facilities and teleports. Routing is done automatically after selection of an A/V input source and output destination. Pathfinder will find the lowest-cost connections and can automatically redirect dropped connections.
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Structured Wiring

M&S Systems

For homes overrun with wires and cables from Internet connections, phones, faxes, home-theater systems, music and intercom systems, M&S presents structured wiring systems. These systems provide one central juncture for all data and entertainment needs. The box, which can be locked for security, flush mounts between 16-inch center studs or wall mounts for retrofits.
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Wall Panels


Conference rooms, boardrooms and training facilities can all use the i!-Agenda Plus wall panel. Any internal or external e-mail program freely communicates with the NetLinx control system in the i!-Agenda Plus, which displays dates and times of every planned meeting in a reserved room.
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Giant LED Screen


The Quarter Bin enhancement to Lighthouse’s LVP10 10mm-pixel-pitch screen ensures that variation of color and brightness of every single LED within each pixel is reduced to one-quarter of that previously attained. Quarter Bin technology guarantees the highest possible levels of color and brightness uniformity between adjacent LED pixels in the Intelligent Module components that make up a Lighthouse LED panel. (The LVP1010 is a 5×5 panel LED display.)
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Projection Displays

TRaC Associates

The GlassVu and LumenStar high-ambient-light displays boast high contrast and high resolution in any lighting condition. Both display 16 million colors, have a 5.8 gain, and have a contrast ratio of 500:1. The GlassVu is offered in a flexible film or panel and can be used for rear-projection applications. It weighs less than 4 ounces and can be easily applied to a window. The LumenStar works for front-projection applications. It is modular and can be configured to any shape or size desired.
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LCD Projector


The new LPF-7700 is a bright addition to Fujitsu’s line of multimedia projectors. It delivers 3000 ANSI lumens and has a 1024×768 pixel display native resolution. Features include an extensive complement of video inputs, wireless remote with remote mouse functionality, power focus and zoom, built-in stereo speakers, digital keystone and lens shift correction.
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Daylight Display Projector


The D 28 daylight display is suited for screens of 50 square meters and greater. It has 28mm visual and physical resolution. Light output is 5.000 Nit (at 6500°K on a calibrated wall). The required viewing distance is 45 meters, with unlimited screen size. With a horizontal viewing angle of 120° and a vertical viewing angle of 60°, the D 28’s average power consumption is 350 watts per square meter; and its ruggedness rating is IP 65.
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Remote Control

Vity Technology

The Tactum CE has a Windows CE operating system developed by Microsoft for handheld computers. It comes bundled with CE versions of Internet Explorer and MS Word. This product communicates via the 802.1 1b standard. A base station receiver can link the Tactum CE to a desktop PC, Ethernet network, the Internet or directly to the Media Bus. And it can control a DVD player, projector, lighting and screen all while connected to the Internet and performing spreadsheet calculations in Pocket Excel.
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Kramer Electronics

Powered by a 260MHz video processor, Kramer’s 12-input VP-23 uses HD 15VGA connectors for computer signal routing, BNC connectors for composite video routing, 4-pin mini-din connectors for S-video routing; and in addition to RCA connectors for L/R audio routing, the VP-23 also includes a single mic input.
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PTZ Balun


The VideoEase PTZ allows the bulky and expensive co-ax cable used in Coaxitron pan, tilt and zoom systems to be replaced by UTP. Used in pairs, the VideoEase supports distances of up to 1250 feet via Cat 5 UTP with color systems. Each balun comes with a separate 10-inch coaxial lead, Velcro mounting pad and user guide.
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Plasma Pedestal

Peerless Industries

The Plasma Screen Pedestal mount is ideal for retail and in-store displays or anywhere a wall or ceiling mount will not work. The unit consists of a pedestal column and a dedicated bracket made for specific plasma screen models in the 42-50-inch range. Adjustment features include a 15° adjustable forward tilt on the screen; and the column provides a 360° rotation. The column is available in heights of 5, 6, 7 or 8 feet. The pedestal is made of heavy-gauge steel with a black scratch-resistant finish.
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Lan Kit


Sanyo’s DSR-C100 is a high-resolution digital video camera with an integrated HD recording device. If installed with the VA-LANC100 LAN kit, remote control of picture size, recording speed, and engaging record and stop modes is enabled. It attaches through a CompactFlash slot on the unit’s side. It includes a 10 Base-T CF LAN card, upgraded control software and a LAN connection interface.
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LCD Monitor

ViewSonic Corporation

The VC170m space- and energy-efficient 17-inch LCD monitor produces a contrast ratio of 300:1 with 1280×1024 true resolution. It is TCO 99 and Energy 2000 certified, and it takes up half the desk space of a CRT display with comparable viewing area.
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EzPro 755, 753 and 750 projectors have a contrast ratio of 600:1, brightness up to 2000 ANSI lumens, advanced anti-reflective lens coating and full HDTV compatibility. Featuring quiet operation and lightweight design, they all display 16.7 million colors in either 4:3 (native) or 16:9 (compatible) aspect ratio.
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Rear-Screen Projection System


The DR-7360 can show a true 800×600 resolution computer input and 750 lines for television input. Horizontal frequency is 15 to 75 kHz; and vertical frequency is 50 to 86 Hz.
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Computer-Ready TV Monitors


Zenith has a Presentation Series line of monitors for large-screen computing applications in Windows and Macintosh environments. The monitors use PCZTV-integrated dual-scan technology for true SVGA computer images and TV One’s PCZ3000 computer card. Features include auto sizing, zoom and pan image controller, and horizontal/vertical image control and image freeze.
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Prime Image

The Digital 50 III time base corrector/video synchronizer has three inputs. Its outputs are selectable and active for all inputs. Features are full proc amp control on all inputs, freeze control for either field or frame, and full-time selectable composite color-bar generator. It is available in either NTSC or PAL varieties.
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Fiber Optic Transmission System

Communications Specialties

Pure Digital Fiberlink 3440 Series for all digital processing and transmission for video and four channels of audio is compatible with NTSC, PAL or SECAM. It is available in single-mode and multimode versions.
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NEC Technologies

The first desktop/fixed installation projector capable of both portrait and landscape projection, the GT950 has extreme lens shift. The GT2150 (shown) provides precise, versatile projection power when high native resolution and solid data and video capability is required. Both products feature NEC’s proprietary EcoMode lamp-saving technology, AutoSense automatic setup and one-touch adjustment, and Advanced AccuBlend intelligent pixel blending technology.
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