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Control Room Overhaul

The home of the BBC Concert Orchestra adds a PMC/Bryston BB5 XBD system.

Control Room Overhaul

Nov 26, 2001 12:00 PM

London’s Golders Green Hippodrome theater recently added a PMC/Bryston BB5 XBD active monitoring system to its new and improved control room. The BBC uses the facility extensively and decided to retrofit the control room architecturally and electronically, using “absolute sonic perfection” as a guiding principle in the renovation/redesign. The BBC technical team chose the BB5 XBD based on previous experience with the system at BBC Maida Vale, the broadcasting company’s radio music recording complex. The BB5 SBDs have nearly-7-foot speakers finished in natural ash, for an impressive look and sound. The sub-17Hz three-way system provides dual 15-inch bass drivers at the mouth of a 15-foot folded transmission line bass loading system. PMC-built soft dome, mid-range and high-frequency drivers round out the driver complement, completely powered by custom-tweaked Bryston 7B and 4B amplifiers. A Bryston crossover distributes frequency bands to each amplifier channel, which in turn powers each driver separately. For more information, visit and

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