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December 1998

December 1998


BUYER’S REMORSE: how to avoid it

Ted Tate

After you spend hours closing a prospect and using every strategy you can possibly think of, the buyer finally decides to go with you. You feel a strong…


Business News

Amanda Solomon

Shure educates wireless users In view of the FCC’s reallocation of the UHF spectrum from TV channels 60 through 69 for DTV and public safety use, Shure…



David M. Johnsrud has been appointed engineering manager at Telemetrics, Mahwah, NJ.Peter Scharff is director of sales and Stanley Jacobs is controller…

Representatives and Dealer News


Sound Vision Marketing will represent Lowell Manufacturing, Pacific, MO, in FL and Puerto Rico.Eakins/Bernstein Associates, Shawnee Mission, KS, was named…

Video Projections

SCAN CONVERSION: getting there is half the fun

Peter H. Putman

You have no doubt seen plenty of advertisements for the latest in boardroom-quality LCD projection systems. Many models offer a potent combination of…

Clean Signals

COMPUTERS and their interface problems

Bill Whitlock

Let me start by saying that I have mixed feelings about computers. There is no doubt that they can be truly wonderful productivity tools when they work…


Check It Out!

Sam Berkow and Alexander Yuill-Thornton II

A common request made of sound system contractors and acoustical consultants involves the evaluation of an installed sound system. This request, often…


Leslie McLeod

The use of computer modeling in the design process of room acoustics and sound systems has become standard practice for many designers. At the beginning…

Make it computer

Jared Blankenship

Today, computers are objects of familiarity. Not only are we confronted with the fact that they are involved in almost every facet of our lives, but we…

In Perfect Taste

Keith Spencer-Allen

As museums race to install as much A-V hardware as possible to enhance their exhibits, the task of designing and installing a sound system for a wine…

An Exercise In Diplomacy

Lynn Mader and R. David Read

After we had almost finished a voter registration and sound-system installation for the Nicaraguan legislative assembly, I found myself engaged in a conversation…

At Residence

Jim Swearingen

Central A-V systems and low-voltage lighting control systems have become a common feature of upscale homes, and many sophisticated products exist to serve…

Making It Count

Milton Zall

Ownership of a sound contracting business alone does not automatically mean that your computer is tax deductible. The rules for deducting the business…


Bob Bushnell

There is a prevailing assumption that computers have either reached their peak, or they will reach it soon. This assumption, however, is essentially incorrect;…


Richard Ensman

Imagine waking up late some morning only to discover that your digital alarm clock had not functioned properly. Later that day, when you activate your…

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