December 2003

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December 2003


Merrily Down the Stream

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By Stephen Porter

Three years ago, video streaming was all the rage. The most enthusiastic supporters of the technology predicted that video streaming to desktop computers...

The Future Is Now

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By Peter Putman

Many years ago, a lovable bunch of baseball players known as the Brooklyn Dodgers used to go down fighting year after year in the World Series at the...

Technology Showcase: Rear-Projection Systems

By Bennett Liles

Although front-screen projection is often the way to go for more theatrical applications with little activity by onstage participants, rear-screen systems...

Technology Showcase: Multi-Effects Processors

By Tom Dambly

The category of multi-effects processors opens the door to a dizzying array of audio gear and a wide range of sonic applications. With many products in...

Cover Story: Projecting the Infinite

By Charles Conte

In May 2001, a construction crew demolished the old Gates Planetarium dome at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, leaving only a structural framework...


Extron VTG 300

By Peter Putman

Extron's VTG 300 is a portable, battery/AC-operated combo video/audio test generator that is long overdue. I had been using Extron's original VTG 200...

Sennheiser Contractor Mic Kit

By John McJunkin

Sennheiser is a name that always comes up on the short list of manufacturers of high-quality podium microphones. There's a reason why you'll often see...


Editorial: Deep Space

By Mark Smith

I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Dave. That simple sentence, spoken in a chilling voice that sounded heavily medicated, gave viewers of Stanley Kubrick's...

Management Perspectives: Managing Cash Flow

By William Lynott

Cash flow how much money is flowing into and out of a business is an easy concept to understand. Still, not every electronics professional is fully aware...

NSCA Focus: Your Licensure, Please

By Kim Doyle

The age-old issue of licensure is a problem, no matter what state you conduct business in. However, time is sometimes the best answer. As it stands now,...

Line Out: Back to the Future

By Jim Ford

From a business standpoint, survival is simple and complex. The fundamentals are self-evident; have a passion for what you do, be excellent at your trade,...


The Buzz: Install of the Month

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By Fred Nicolaus

The city of Melbourne had long been plagued by a fundamental flaw in its city grid: the separation of the central business district from the scenic Yarra......

The Buzz: Movers and Shakers

Jeff Miller, installation manager for Audio Advisors, was recognized as the nation's best custom installer by CEDIA .Tamron USA promoted Eugene Dyas to...

The Buzz: 20 Years Ago in Sound & Video Contractor

By Mark Johnson

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The sound system and acoustical design of Seattle's Kingdome was the cover feature for the December 1983 issue. The Kingdome opened in March 1976, and...


The Buzz: Associations

ISE Announces Initial and Pending Sales Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the new electronic systems integration conference and exhibition, has announced...

The Buzz: Industry News

Clarity Partners with Silicon Graphics Clarity Visual Systems and Silicon Graphics have launched the SGI mobile innovation center, a North American technology...

The Buzz: Upcoming Events

January 8-112004 International CESLas 15-18NAMMAnaheim, February 3-5Integrated Systems

The Buzz: Contractor's Web Watch Liberty Wire and Cable has launched its new Web site, which lets you browse its entire product catalog, as well as place orders online...

What's New: Audio Technology/Products

Loudspeaker Clark The Tactile Sound Transducer (TST) electromagnetic devices are designed to vibrate large, heavy structures....

What's New: Video Technology/Products

Sound & Video Contractor rounds up new video products....

What's New: Security Technology/Products

Online Security Service Toshiba America Information The service is designed to act as a reliable, Internet-based...

What's New: A/V Technology/Products

Software Crestron When using Media Manager, SystemBuilder software does what its name indicates: it builds a Media Manager...




Streaming Video For Live Events

Streaming with a combination of hardware and off-the-shelf software (which allows one to effectively do a live switch for streaming from multiple cameras), or from a dedicated streaming device from a single source, is now more affordable than ever. And the results are better, if more

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Not All Digital AV Needs to be On the Network

Don’t miss a social beat – follow #MyInfoComm2018 and make sure you visit Crestron located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth C2562. The confluence of a new mobile workforce and higher real estate costs have pushed facilities managers to create more more


Networked AV — More Than a Disruptor

Don’t miss a social beat – follow #MyInfoComm2018 and make sure you visit Crestron located in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth C2562. Remember the analog sunset? By all accounts the transition to digital was an industry disrupter. Yet few were fully more


Beyond Beamforming

In the AV world, we’ve all seen a back-and-forth between the importance of the “A” (audio) versus the “V” (video) over the years. It’s easy to say that in “AV” both sides are equally important. And they are. But not only has the video side seen a greater surge of new technology more