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Doing Business In Sports AV

Pro AV's essential industry guide, with crucial tips for positioning your company to leverage.

Doing Business In Sports AV

Pro AV’s essential industry guide, with crucial tips for positioning your company to leverage.

Pro AV’s essential industry AV guide, with crucial tips for positioning your company to leverage:

  • Trends in sports AV design
  • Purchasing practices of sports AV buyers
  • Economic factors affecting the sports sector
    The spectator sports industry competes for the same dollar sought by other forms of entertainment, including the film industry. Today, almost any group activity is enhanced by the use of modern AV technology. With the prevalence of elaborate systems in the home, church, school, and shopping mall, savvy sports venue owners and operators know that they’ve got to offer patrons more than just the game.Opportunities for pro AV systems integrators are not limited to the high-profile professional sports venues either. They may be the biggest spenders, but they’re also the fewest in number — only a little more than 400 venues in the United States and Canada. Add in more than 100,000 primary and secondary school gymnasiums, more than 4,000 colleges and universities (with stadia, field houses, gymnasia, pools, and often hockey arenas) and it’s easy to see the size of this market.Even better news is that the opportunities for retrofits and upgrades have never been better than now. It’s safe to say that if an existing sports venue hasn’t been upgraded with current AV technology in the last five years, they’re probably a prime target. Even your local high-school gym needs an intelligible — and durable — PA system. If a venue includes concession or other types of retail sales operations, they’re also good candidates for digital signage systems. With the multitude of broadcast outlets, chances are the venue could benefit from infrastructure enhancements for microphones, cameras, and links for broadcast support.The technologies in all of these areas have been progressing at a rapid pace, and costs have come down to the point where systems are not only affordable but can also result in a more satisfying spectator experience and increased revenue opportunities for the venue operator.Pro AV’s exclusive “Guide to Doing Business in Sports AV” will show you just how great this opportunity is, and everything you need to know to grab a piece of it for yourself.– Editor

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