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January 1998

January 1998


A Tale of Customer Service

Nathaniel Hecht

Time flies. Here we are in January of 1998, the year that marks the 15th anniversary of Sound & Video Contractor. Although technology continues to move…



Yamaha forms division Yamaha Corporation of America, Buena Park, CA, has created a Pro Audio & Combo Division, consisting of sound-reinforcement, recording…

What’s New


Installation products Projector mount: The VCM-22S stationary video projector ceiling mount from Chief Manufacturing accommodates Sony models VPH-D50Q/QM…


IR equipment: Sennheiser Sennheiser’s 1015 Infrared series includes the SI1015 two-channel, wideband transmitter. The 2 W unit is rack-mountable and offers…

Video Projections

A New Year of Resolutions

Peter H. Putman

This year promises to be exciting for the large-screen display industry with plenty of new projectors, monitors and interfaces. The most significant advances…


Eyes On The Prize: A well intgrated security system is essential to keepingyour clients and their customers safe.

Howard Friedman

Securing a casino requires a degree of organization, commitment and creativity, which is not always found in traditional security installations. If you…

The Right Mix: The applications of automatic microphone mixers are numerousand varied; know when and how to use them properly.

Dan Dugan

The application of automatic mixers in audio installations can be particularly confusing because of the complexity of their operation. This article builds…

A room-combining setup

Mike Sims

A common arrangement for hotels and conference facilities is to have one or more large rooms that may be subdivided by flexible partitions. Sound reinforcement…

Play By Play: Quality video at the Caesars Palace race and sports bookfacility plays an integral part in involving the viewers in the action.

Bill Scott

Located at the center of Las Vegas’ famous strip,Caesars Palace captures the glamour, luxury and excitementthat are synonymous with America’s pre-eminent…

When In Rome: Achieving an effective installation at Caesars Palace provedto be an ambitious yet rewarding undertaking.

Craig Schick

When Julius Caesar ruled Rome so long ago, he probably would not have wanted background music and the shouts of excited citizens to interrupt his speeches….

Golden Opportunity

Andy Pulsipher

The recent phenomenon of Indian gaming development over the past nine years has created a lucrative niche market for architects, contractors and suppliers….

Iron Rule #10: Balance the physical, intellectual and emotional aspects ofyour life.

Ron Davis

I am not a preacher, and I certainly don’t judge how others live their lives. My ideas are purely practical and help you be a better entrepreneur-manager….

Playing The Odds

Technology, especially over the last two decades, has progressed at a terrifying pace, producing a very distinct trend – people have come to expect more….

A Sure Bet: Take advantage of the rich opportunities in the explosivegaming industry.

David Marsh

How long can it last? The rapid growth of casino gambling has manifest itself in an all out battle among the largest casino operators to “one-up” each…

Playing The Right Cards: Understanding how constant-voltage distributedloudspeakers work will help your next project run more smoothly.

Pat Brown

When it comes to sound coverage, casinos have much in common with factories, cafeterias and department stores: Intelligible sound must be delivered to…

Making Yourself At Home: Designing and installing for hotels and lodgingfacilities calls for attention to specific details.

Jeff Loether

Quality in any technology is a moving target. The experienced designer looks back to see where we’ve been, anticipates the direction of change, looks…

Video Jackpot: Help your client hit it big through the integration ofvideowall tehnology.

Mark A. Holm

Anyone who has spent time in a world-class casino knows that the experience is a feast for the senses. A wide variety of electronic elements combine to…

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