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January 2011

January 2011


Sports Venue LED Displays Technology Showcase

By Bennett Liles

The march of video technology has rarely been as public and spectacular as in the realm of large LED displays for sports venues where digital signage is hyped with live video and game replays….

AV Streaming Devices Technology Showcase

By Mike McIntyre

It wasn’t too long ago that an article about AV streaming devices would have been very short and only contained some very expensive items….

Worship Workflow

By Mark Johnson

Every week, grocery clerks, insurance salespeople, and factory workers across the country transform into video directors, live sound mixers, and lighting designers. …

Wireless Rulings

By Tom Kenny

In some circles, the unanimous Sept. 23 decision was front-page news. That ruling was two years in the making, following a 2008 announcement that the largest allocation of wireless spectrum in 25 years would be opened up to unlicensed use…

A Tale of Two Churches

By Dan Daley

AV technology is one of the solutions that churches are turning to in an attempt to stem the tide of disaffection. …


Point Source Audio CO-7

By John McJunkin

Numerous public speaking or singing applications require mobility and hands-free functionality simultaneously….


Understanding Real-world Applications

By Cynthia Wisehart

Understanding the real-world application of our systems is more important than ever….

The Online Press Release

By Don Kreski

A few years ago, if you wanted to start a press campaign, you would have to build your own list of reporters and editors, either by searching out magazines one by one or by referring to a printed directory. …

Mission: Control

By Patrick Barron

Control system programming is a challenging task that starts before the first line of code is written or the first graphic is drawn on a touchpanel. …

Working Around a Challenging RF Environment for Worship, Part 1

With Bennett Liles

Beau Miles with Asbury United Methodist Church near Huntsville, Ala. solves a tricky RF environment with Sennheiser….

Working Around a Challenging RF Environment for Worship, Part 2

With Bennett Liles

Antennas and frequency coordination are critical in a crowded RF environment with lots of radio intense government facilities around….

E.C. Wente: An Unsung Audio Pioneer Gets His Due

By George Petersen

Ask any audio pro what he knows about Edward Christopher “E.C.” Wente, and you’ll likely get a blank stare. This is unfortunate, because Wente made an enormous impact on live sound technologies that continues to this day….

Back-of-house Digital Signage Systems

Provided by InfoComm International

There is a lesser-known niche within the digital signage market that receives little notice yet can yield vast opportunities for AV integrators and system designers: back-of-house digital signage systems used for employee communication. …


InfoComm Announces 2011 Board Results

InfoComm International announced its 2011 Board of Directors….

New CEDIA Whitepaper Now Available

CEDIA has published a second whitepaper in the HDMI series. HDMI Design and Initialization Sequence discusses three types of HDMI devices, the authentication process of displaying the best possible audio and video format, and a list of third-party HDCP key limits….

NSCA on IT Trends

NSCA’s newest member benefit, the quarterly podcast, is now available. NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson and Paul Cronin, president and CEO of Atrion Networking Corp., discuss what NSCA’s systems integrators can learn from the IT world….

New Products

APB ProSpec Mixers

The new family of ProSpec mixers from APB has been created for live performance applications; mono, stereo, or LCR mixing in installations; and portable applications requiring the highest performance….

Extron Electronics DVI 110 Signal Regenerator

Extron Electronics offers the DVI 110 signal regenerator for single-link DVI-D signals….

Community Professional Loudspeakers Distributed Design Series

Community Professional Loudspeakers announced its new Distributed Design series of ceiling loudspeakers….

Aton AH66T Multiroom Audio System

Aton has introduced a preprogrammed multiroom audio system, the Aton AH66T….

Smart Table Activity Packs

Smart Technologies announces the addition of more than 250 activity packs for the Smart Table interactive learning center….

Toshiba Surveillance and IP Video IK-WD12A PTZ Camera

Toshiba Surveillance and IP Video debuted its latest IP network video camera, the IK-WD12A, a mini-dome expressly designed for indoor deployment, including schools, retail outlets, hotels, and casinos….

Kramer Electronics RC-63DL Room Controller

Kramer Electronics announces the introduction of the RC-63DL six-button audio/video and room controller….

Tripp Lite HDMI Extenders/Splitters

Tripp Lite has introduced a full line of HDMI extenders and extender/splitters….

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