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July 2000

July 2000


Sabine redesigns website

Cindy Holst

Sabine announced the creation of The site offers access to the professional audio and music accessory divisions of Sabine and provides…

Lowell hires national sales manager

Cindy Holst

Lowell Manufacturing, Pacific, MO, has named Jeff Garstick to the position of national sales manager. Garstick’s seventeen-year history in the commercial…

Minerva Systems and Panja deliver conferencing solution

Cindy Holst

Minerva Systems and Panja have joined forces to deliver a video conferencing solution for broadband IP networks. Panja’s web-based client server application…

Philips updates web site

Cindy Holst

Philips Communication & Security Systems has updated its web site at to include data sheets, software updates, demos, A&E specs, technical…

MTX products honored

Cindy Holst

MTX Audio has been recognized by consumer electronics retailers, who honored MTX with three product of the year awards in the 1999 Hi-Fi Grand Prix competition….

Ednet redesigns web site

Cindy Holst

Ednet has launched a redesigned web site featuring technical and strategic information on digital audio and video networks for professional media and…

Sigma Designs and Acer team

Cindy Holst

Sigma Designs and Acer have developed set-top boxes to offer residential customers worldwide broadband multimedia services, including video-on-demand…

Lexicon’s LexiVerb distributed by Digidesign

Cindy Holst

Digidesign and Lexicon announce a joint agreement enabling Digidesign to distribute the LexiVerb TDM-compatible software plug-in through its sales channels….

Bag End completes web site overhaul

Cindy Holst

Bag End Loudspeaker Systems has launched its updated web site at The site now contains a complete catalog, with a separate specification…

Orad opens Midwest office

Cindy Holst

Orad has opened a Midwest regional office in Arlington, TX. The location provides sales and technical support to Orad’s customer base in the Midwest….

Security Associates acquires central stations

Cindy Holst

Security Associates International acquired two UL listed central stations: Alarm Monitoring Services, Seattle, WA, and Total Electronic Alarm Monitoring,…

Recoton integrates home audio and mobile electronics divisions

Cindy Holst

Recoton’s domestic home audio division (RHA) has been integrated with its domestic mobile audio division (RME). The consolidated division operates under…

ConnectSound launches web site

Cindy Holst

ConnectSound provides e-commerce solutions for the music and sound products industry with a focus on an Internet retail web site,,…

JLG introduces training simulator

Cindy Holst

A training simulator from JLG Industries, designed for the JLG 600 series of boom lifts, helps mechanics and service engineers visualize and understand…

Imeron expands distribution

Cindy Holst

Imeron has expanded its distribution to include the European market. Imeron now ships its immersive audio products to European customers within 48 hours…

Panasonic announces web site

Cindy Holst

The Panasonic DA7 User Group, located at, allows users to chat with other DA7 users, download new product information and software, post messages,…

Richardson Electronics joins NIBESA

Cindy Holst

Richarson Electronics Security Systems division, Houston, TX, has joined NIBESA, the National Independent Bank Equipment & Systems Association. NIBESA…

THAT Corporation acquires Sipex facility

Cindy Holst

THAT Corporation has acquired Sipex Corporation’s 4 inch (102 mm) wafer fab facility in Milpitas, CA. The facility gives THAT control over the IC manufacturing…

Sweetwater launches web store

Cindy Holst

Sweetwater announces the opening of its Web store at Products from Sweetwater’s stock of music technology equipment are for…

Yamaha launches support program

Cindy Holst

Yamaha’s pro audio and combo (PAC) division announced a customer support program that will provide assistance to customers around the clock. For purchasers…

JLG launches website

Cindy Holst

JLG Industries announced the launch of its interactive website featuring an expanded product area, a corporate “About JLG” section, enhanced investor…

Philips CSS and Loronix sign memorandum

Cindy Holst

Philips Communication & Security Systems (Philips CSS) and Loronix Information Systems have entered into a memorandum of understanding, whereby Philips…

ITW Switches and ITW Pancon form sales and service organization

Cindy Holst

ITW Switches and ITW Pancon formed a unified distributor sales and customer service organization. The structure is designed to streamline product delivery,…

IDEAL launches website

Cindy Holst

IDEAL industries announced the completion and launch of a website designed to provide access to information about the more than 400 IDEAl test instruments….

David Clark Company opens facilities

Cindy Holst

David Clark Company opened repair facilities in Europe and Australia. The facilities are located in Western Europe: Headset Services Ltd, Unit 5, Shoreham…

CEA Announces Specification

Cindy Holst

The Consumer Electronics Association issued a specification for compatibility requirements for digital television (DTV) receivers and digital cable systems….

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One of the problems that plagues alarm companies across the country is alarm verification. Specifically, how does a company know whether the alarm signal…



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Meeting the demanding systems integration needs of the Blue Man Group’s latest installation at the Luxor Theater, Las Vegas.”Now that Las Vegas has expanded…

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