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July 2014

July 2014

Tech Showcases

Portable PA Systems

By Bennett Liles

We also have a look at small but powerful speaker enclosures that can form a great foundation for a custom-made road rig used by musicians, presenters, and educators, allowing them to push a button or two and then concentrate on the task at hand….

Technology Furniture

By Bennett Liles

Despite the wonders of today’s tech gear, its functionality depends a great deal on how it is set up to interface with the humans who operate it. The technology furniture that is selected and how it is itself configured and installed plays a huge role in the quality of the experience….


HP Z1 G2 Review

Reviewer: Jan Ozer

Essentially the size of a thick 27in. monitor, the HP Z1 G2 is a touchscreen-driven, field-serviceable all-in-one computer with brains, brawn, and beauty; it’s pretty enough to be used in customer-facing applications and powerful enough for real computing chores….

BlackMagic Design ATEM Television Studio Review

Reviewer: Jan Ozer

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option for switching HDMI and HD-SDI inputs, BlackMagic Design’s ATEM Television Studio, which you can find for less than $945, could be the unit for you….

Columns & Features

High Sign

By Cynthia Wisehart

At Oakley’s new flagship store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, N.Y, the overhead LCD displays pulse with athlete footage and motion graphics, with the images spreading across the 27 screens to form one imposing canvas….

Digital Signage Workflow

By Adrian Weidmann

Understanding workflows, and specifically digital workflows, within the business ecosystem may be the single most important factor to completely understand prior to selecting any component of a digital signage infrastructure. …

Going Mobile

By Simon Fairbank, national sales manager, RSL

How mobile interactivity and digital changed the public transportation system in one city. …

Technology-enabled Shopping Environments

By Mark Boidman, managing director, Peter J Solomon Company

To prepare for expected increases in online sales, brick-and-mortar retailers would be well advised to make an investment in visual communications to allow consumers to interact with brands, as well as products or services. …

A New Generation of Information-seekers

By Vern Freedlander, VP of production services, X2O Media

Today’s generation of anytime, anywhere content consumers have become more comfortable with visual media than traditional text. …

Network Misconceptions

By Kevin Gross

Understanding the IT point of view requires addressing common misconceptions the AV community may hold toward IT and vice versa….

IT Terminology to Know and Understand

By Kevin Gross

A wide part of the gulf between IT and AV professionals is in vocabulary. The following IT terminology is relevant to AV applications….

On the Circuit

By Cynthia Wisehart

I saw 49 AV companies at InfoComm, so this will just be a few highlights from a very satisfying show. …

4K Technology Brightens Installation Opportunities

By Art Rankin, senior director AV business unit division management, Panasonic System Communications Company

The market has moved from standard definition to HD content, and it now stands on the cusp of a move into ultra HD or 4K content. …

The Buzz

Your Community is at CEDIA Expo

CEDIA Expo is much more than the products; it’s about the passion, the excitement, and the connections you make while at the show. …

Isolated Audio Field

As the preservation of quiet is utterly synonymous with public library space, NYPL was faced with the challenge of catering to the increasingly multimedia-centric senses of today’s youth without adding noise or distraction to the quiet library. The company’s solution was the Holosonics Audio Spotlight directional speaker systems. …

Full-range Sound System

For the past 35 years, the 7,500-seat multipurpose Bicentennial Center Arena in Salina, Kan., has hosted concerts, theater, circuses and civic events, rodeos, basketball, roller derby, and home games for the local Salina Bombers. The venue’s the original sound system—an exploded cluster system located at one end of the arena that was not up to current standards—remained in place….

Special Report: Worship

Worshipping in the Clear

Meyer Sound Mina line array loudspeaker system has been installed in the new 950-seat auditorium of Church on the Rock in Lubbock, Texas. The contemporary-style church reports that Mina is bringing a greater sense of unity and participation to services while allowing the church to deliver rock-show levels if needed….

Rock and Roll Audio Upgrade

Two and half years ago Sun Valley Tempe merged with Bethany Church. Sun Valley inherited Bethany Church’s large campus and an auditorium with technical capabilities that were deficient by today’s standards. The audio system was old and primarily designed for natural speech, orchestra, and choir reinforcement in an acoustic setting. …

Houses of Worship AV Products

Some of the latest projectors, software, transmitters, and audio and video distribution systems for churches….

New Products

ShurePlus Channels Mobile App

ShurePlus Channels, the new iOS app from Shure, provides realtime precision monitoring of select Shure wireless systems. …

Rose Electronics CrystalView EX5 HDMI Extender

CrystalView EX5 HDMI by Rose Electronics is a high-performance KVM extender that operates a high-definition display and USB 2.0 peripherals from up to 330ft. from an HDMI host device….

Earthworks IML Microphone

Earthworks has debuted the IML microphone, a back-electret condenser that features a near-perfect cardioid polar response and a flat 30Hz-30kHz frequency response, allowing orators to maintain the same intelligibility at the front and sides of the microphone without a reduction of high frequencies. …

Galaxy Audio Ergomic Microphone

Galaxy Audio places design front and center with its new Ergomic wired microphone, which features interchangeable elements and unique body form. …

HRS Control HRS-eTouch Touchscreen Controller

HRS Control’s HRS-eTouch touchscreen controllers—in 4in. and 7in. configurations—use the company’s HRS Designer software to build customized controllers that feature graphics, branding, and system design tailored to the end-user. …

Elation Professional Rayzor Q12 Zoom LED Lighting

The Rayzor Q12 Zoom by Elation Professional is part of the company’s series of compact and high-speed LED wash luminaires. …

XTA APA-4E8 Amplifier

XTA’s APA-4E8 features four channels of power totaling 20kW peak output into 4Ω and continuous power available of 3400W per channel into 4Ω. …

IHSE USA 484 Series VGA 8×1 CPU Switch/Converter

The 484 series VGA 8×1 CPU switch/converter by IHSE USA allows eight VGA CPU sources to be connected and switched through a single DVI extension port. …

Altinex Muse HDMI+Power+IR Transmitter and Receiver

Altinex’s Muse HDMI+power+IR transmitter and receiver, a solution aimed at eliminating the stress of electrical outlet placement that AV integrators often encounter, has the ability to power a display with up to 150W of power and carry HDMI, RS-232, and IR control signals up to 300ft. over a single, low-voltage, unshielded Cat-6 cable. …

Crest Audio Tactus Digital Mixer

The Tactus digital mixing system is the result of a partnership between Crest Audio and Waves. …

Radial Engineering USB-Pro Stereo Direct Box

Radial Engineering’s USB-Pro is a high-resolution stereo direct box designed to convert sound files from a laptop computer and seamlessly transfer them to a pair of balanced audio outputs to feed the signal to a microphone preamplifier, PA system, mixing console, or powered speaker. …

Crimson AV CM Menu Board Multi-Monitor Mount

Crimson AV’s CM Menu Board Multi-Monitor mounting system is designed to reduce installer assembly, installation, and alignment time for inline multiple-display arrays and menu-board installations. …

Christie Digital FHD552-X LCD Display

Christie Digital’s FHD552-X tiled LCD display wall has full high-definition resolution, high-pixel density, and a LED-backlit screen. …

Roland Systems Group XS Series Matrix Switcher

The Roland XS series of multi-format matrix switchers from the Roland Systems Group support eight HDMI and RGB/component/S-Video/composite inputs, and up to four HDMI or HDBaseT outputs with scalers to support picture-in-picture, resizing, rotating, and flipping….

MediaMatrix Claro Audio Processor

Ideal for boardroom, courtroom, and classroom audio processing and control applications, MediaMatrix’s Claro processor is a single rack unit that provides 12 balanced inputs, each of which can be configured as a microphone or line input, including phantom power, and eight line outputs. …

BenQ Digital Signage Displays

BenQ recently unveiled new digital signage display solutions, including the RP840G 84in. 4K Ultra HD interactive display that provides USB multi-PC touch control, EZCast for Wi-Fi collaboration, and a teaching software bundle for classroom applications. …

Crest Audio CKd Series Amplifiers

The Crest Audio CKd series of multichannel, networkable, intelligent power amplifiers combine the power supply design of the company’s Pro 200 with NexSys networking functionality with an ultra-lightweight Class-D topology. …

Planar Systems Clarity Matrix Videowall Calculator

The Clarity Matrix videowall calculator is a free online tool by Planar Systems designed to simplify the videowall selection process by simulating what the Clarity Matrix LCD videowall will look like before users make the purchase….

Pexip Infinity Version 6 Videoconferencing

Pexip’s Infinity Version 6 is the latest version of the company’s Infinity scalable meeting platform that includes enhancements such as Active Directory (AD) integration, role-based authentication, and secure NTP/SNMP. …

SurgeX’s Axess Manager and Axess Manager Mobile App

SurgeX’s Axess Manager and Axess Manager Mobile are new desktop and mobile apps designed to allow users to monitor power conditions and control power functions of multiple installations from a single location. …

XL Video Catalyst Media Server

XL Video has built its upgraded fleet of media servers around Apple’s 3.5GHx six-core Intel Xeon E5 Mac Pro computers. …

SoundTube MA3501t Amplifier

SoundTube’s MA3501t is a 2RU, 350W mono amplifier designed for distributed sound applications. …

Crimson AV DSA Series Mount

The DSA series of spring-loaded monitor stands from Crimson AV are heavy-duty, full-motion mounts that accommodate monitors and associated accessories weighing up to 30lbs. …

Siemon 1U Copper/Fiber Combo Panel

Siemon’s 1U Copper/Fiber Combo Panel is a mixed media patch panel that allows copper outlets to be mixed with fiber ports in the same rackmount space to efficiently maximize rack-space use. …

Panasonic TH-98LQ70 and TH-84LQ70 4K LED Displays

The Panasonic 4K LED 98in. TH-98LQ70 and 84in. TH-84LQ70 displays are ideal for a number of growing 4K resolution B2B applications including broadcast production, digital signage for retail, rental and staging, design and simulation, as well as command and control rooms. …

Shure QLX-D Digital Wireless System

Shure’s QLX-D Digital Wireless System is a cost-effective solution that offers transparent 24-bit digital audio with the company’s rechargeable battery technology. …

Legrand Evolution Series Flat Screen Wall Box

Designed to hang flatscreen displays in both new and retrofit applications, Legrand’s Evolution series Flat Screen Wall Box is available in four-gang and two-gang options that install easily behind any display and feature unique removable device modules. …

HRS Control Mantis Server

HRS Control recently unveiled a complete line of embedded control servers to join its UDC Pro ECS-Raptor, which was introduced last year. …

Christie FHQ841-T LCD Panel

The new 84in. plug-and-play Christie FHQ841-T multi-touch UHD LCD panel features 3820×2160 resolution, anti-glare glass, and 10 simultaneous touch points. …

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