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Make it computer

Today, computers are objects of familiarity. Not only are we confronted with the fact that they are involved in almost every facet of our lives, but we

Make it computer

Dec 1, 1998 12:00 PM,
Jared Blankenship

Today, computers are objects of familiarity. Not only are we confrontedwith the fact that they are involved in almost every facet of our lives,but we are told on a seemingly daily basis that we should modify ourbehavior to accept their widespread employment. The cliches abound. Adaptyour professional skills. Every home will have one. The millennium bug willwreak utter havoc, bringing about society’s total collapse. All shoppingwill be done on the Internet. Look how far we have come since the abacus.There comes a point when the local TV news program has told you everythingyou could possibly want to know about computers. For most of us, thatbridge has been crossed a long time ago.

The information overload can easily leave you wondering if any of this istruly relevant to you, the systems contractor. Truth be told, some of itactually is, and the best part is that you will not have to spend greatamounts of time discerning between what will help your business succeed andwhat is better left ignored. By turning the following pages, your eyes willcome to rest on computer-related information that has been gathered,distilled and refined to meet the needs of you and your company. Ratherthan hearing the apocalyptic outcries of those people clinging to thenotion that everything in the world will cease to function properly onJanuary 1, 2000, you will learn how to protect yourself and your clientsfrom a programming shortcut taken decades ago. You will not read vagueassertions about how important computers are to a modern business; you willread about real programs designed to assistthe systems contractor withsolving real problems. Instead of hearing about all the wonders andmiracles engendered by the increasingly prevalent use of the Internet, youwill uncover the methods of using the World Wide Web to generate publicityand consequently, revenue. This month’s issue, intended to guide youthrough various topics involving the computer’s value to your business,will not waste your time with stale and general news. For the last 15years, it has been S&VC’s mission to bring you the information that willhelp you succeed in the low-voltage systems contracting industry, and thismonth is no exception.

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