March 1997

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March 1997


Business News

Mark IV Audio changes name Mark IV Audio, Buchanan, MI, is now EVI Audio. Greenwich Street Capital Partners recently bought EVI.Community hires AAdvert...

A Tale of Two Physicists

Emily Thompson

The careers of Sabine and Knudsen, 30 years apart, show the origins and course of acoustical consulting in America.In 1931, the Chicago-based Institute...

Associate With the Best

Richard Ensman, Jr.

Trade associations serve as role models to the world. You don't have to listen very hard to hear people complain about the lack of pride, cooperation...

Working the Show

Ted Uzzle

With your handy program book as your tarot deck, you can plan your future at NSCA '97. Based on official trade show hours, we have less than three minutes...

Charlotte, Home of Your Future Good Fortune

Mark Dundas

The NSCA Expo offers everything from seminars to sound products and a little Charlotte fun. It seems we were just on the East coast, but it's been four...


Craig Thompson, NSCA President

The NSCA board has been selfish, but remember who we are. We are all sizes of systems contractors from all over North America doing a wide range of electronic...

Don't guess at it, VOM it

Glen Ballou

One of the most important tools we can keep in our tool box is a VOM (volt-ohm-milliampmeter) or, in today's terms, a multimeter. Multimeters are used...




Survey: What's Important in a Videowall?

AV Technology is gauging the industry's perceptions of LED displays. End-users, integrators, and design partners are called upon to take this brief survey to weigh in on the state of LED display technology and the value it provides from installation to day-to-day operation. Click more