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March 2001

March 2001



Nathaniel Hecht, editor

How Will it Affect Us?…

A Loan at Last

J. Tol Broome

Ask 10 small business owners to tell you the most frustrating aspect of running their businesses, and it’s likely that at least eight of them will say, “Financing.” Find out how your small business can get a loan without all the hassle….


Industry Notes

Elizabeth Price

Stay on top of what’s happening in the sound and video contracting industry….

What’s New

What’s New Spotlight and Installation Products

Find descriptions of video and audio products from a wide variety of manufacturers….


Compiled by Elizabeth Price

Should you be attending these meetings, conferences and training sessions?…

Main Features

Real Coverage, Part 1

Rick Kamlet

How to Design Better Sounding Business Music Systems. The first in a two-part series focusing on designing business sound systems that meet the needs of an increasingly audio-savvy public…

Positive Projections

Selecting the Appropriate Projector for Your Boardroom. Projector purchasing, room design, lift possibilities in the boardroom: Explore your options in video projector technology, mounting, installation and integration….

Conference Audio Systems Design

Michael Pocino

Ever had to sit througha conference where you heard more audio feedback than feedback from your coworkers? In this article: How to avoid these technical problems with teleconferencing….

The Long-Term Perspective & the Value of Life-Cycle Revenue

Alan Kruglak

You must acquire and retain clients to be successful. Kruglak explores the benefits of life cycle revenue in an excerpt from his new book….

A Work In Progress

Eddie Ciletti

Ciletti interviews director of engineering Aram Friedman for a behind-the-scenes look into the Rose Center for Earth and Space at New York’s American Museum of Natural History….

Installation Profiles

Xavier Cintas Center

E. Victor Brown

Xavier University’s $46 million sports center uses high-quality A/V everywhere, from the arena floor to conference and dining rooms….

Video Projections


Peter Putman, CTS

Peter Putman’s Video Projections Column: Flat Matrix Displays Present a Challenge for Color Analyzers….

Clean Signals

A Successful Meeting

Bill Whitlock

Bill Whitlock solves the noise challenges that are unique to presentations in hotel ballrooms and large meeting rooms….


Feedback Forum

Hear what our readers have to say about recent S&VC articles. We want to know what you think. Write to us yourself, using the e-mail link on this page….

Mounting Options for Corporate Boardrooms

Patricia Palmer, Premier Mounts

Advantages of Lifts, Selecting a Lift, and Installation and Integration in this sidebar to George Walter’s article….

NSCA Update

Wilson Appointed Consortium President….

Installation Profile Web Exclusive

Elizabeth Price

Myrio and Grant County PUD The Grant County Public Utility District (Ephrata, Washington) has an agreement with Myrio Corporation. Myrio will install…

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