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Meeting Installation Products

Installation products Loudspeaker mounts: The SwivelMount series from Allen Products Company (APC) is a wall-mount platform with keyhole slots and side-to-side

Meeting Installation Products

Mar 1, 1998 12:00 PM

Installation productsLoudspeaker mounts: The SwivelMount series from Allen Products Company(APC) is a wall-mount platform with keyhole slots and side-to-side rotationcapability. The U-Bracket series positions loudspeakers horizontally orvertically from walls, ceilings and other horizontal surfaces. Models areequipped with side-arm stiffeners, dual-mounting slots and soft-frictionwashers to protect the cabinet finish.

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Horn strobe and horn appliances: The series NS/NS4 fire alarm horn strobesand series NH horns from Wheelock are low-current designs with zero inrush.The horn appliances offer two selectable tones, each with two dBA settingsto choose from. Two-wire and four-wire versions are available.

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Console: Soundcraft’s series FIVE console is now available with 24 to 56mono input channels, with four additional mic/line stereo inputs on eachchannel. It is also equipped with eight groups, 12 aux buses, sweepablehigh- and low-pass filters, true LCR panning, 256 MIDI snapshot memory, tenmatrix outputs and ten VCA groups.

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Motorized shade: The Ffentra motorized window-shading system from LutronElectronics fits almost any window and features user-friendly operation, anIR remote control and motor-drive design. It is available in flocke, vinyland sunscreen fabrics.

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LCD projectors: Vidikron’s Crystal 800 projector generates an 832×624 pixelimage on screen sizes ranging from 20 inches (0.5 m) to 25 feet (7.6 m).Features include full SVGA resolution, VGA and Mac capabilities, a built-inloudspeaker, amp and wireless remote handset. The compact Crystal 2C modelhas 550 lines of horizontal resolution and a 100:1 contrast ratio onscreens ranging from 40 inches (1 m) to 12 feet (3.7 m). Wired and wirelessremote controls are included.

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Line multiplier: The VP300 model from Faroudja is suited for use with CRTprojectors employing 7 inch (178 mm) or 8 inch (203 mm) lenses. It usesadaptive comb-filter technology, a detail-enhancer circuit and film/videomotion-tracking/motion-compensation circuitry.

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Loudspeakers: The Niles Advanced Technology series of in-wall loudspeakersincludes models AT-8700, AT-8500, AT-8200 and AT-8000. They are three-waydesigns with an 8 inch (203 mm) woofer, two 1.5 inch (38 mm) dome midrangesand a 1 inch (25 mm) dome tweeter. The AT-8700 and AT-8500 models have aturntable-mounted midrange/tweeter array.

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Workstation controller: The Human User Interface (HUI) from Mackie Designsis a hands-on digital audio controller for mixing with Digidesigns ProTools version 4.1. It provides access to simultaneous multiple controlpoints (faders, sends, mutes, group control and plug-ins) during trackingand mixdown. The HUI is equipped with eight touch-update, readilyre-assignable motor faders with full automation and recall capabilities.

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Video file server: Sony Electronics’ BZSR-100 offers scheduling for MPEG-2digital program delivery, ad insertion and near-video-on-demand. Itconsists of a BitStream MPEG encoding unit, VSR-1000 media control unit andVSH-1000 media units, all controlled by the BZSR-100 software. Any numberof control units can manage up to seven media units each.

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Amplifier chip: The AD8010 model from Analog Devices drives 160 mA ofoutput current and sources eight parallel 75 V loads or more. THD is -72dBc at 1 MHz while driving an 18.75 V load. Amp gain is flat to within 0.1dB at up to 40 MHz, with a differential gain error of 0.02% anddifferential phase error of 0.03degrees.

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Loudspeakers: Martin Audio’s SCREEN 4 model consists of a bass enclosureand bracket-mounted compound horn section. It is equipped with twin 15 inch(381 mm) reflex-loaded bass drivers which operate up to 500 Hz, along witha 90degreesx40degrees combined mid- and high-frequency horn operating above500 Hz. The EFFECT 2 is a passive two-way system incorporating an 8 inch(203 mm) bass driver and a 1.25 inch (32 mm) high-frequency device, mountedon a 90degreesx60degrees elliptical waveguide.

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DSP intercom: The RTS Zeus 2400 from Telex Communications delivers 24channels of better-than-CD-quality audio, with a TDM ASIC that performs allaudio switching and mixing in the digital domain. Each unit includesZeus-Edit, a Windows-based software package providing both on-line andoff-line user-defined configuration capabilities.

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Line driver: Northern Information Technology’s DL2120 DataLink systemextends RS-232 or RS-422 control data from CCTV, access control and otherremote-controllable equipment over paired cables or leased telephone linesfor distances of up to 20 miles (32 km). The system includes twotransceiver units and two wall-pack power supplies.

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Mixer: The PS-676 Pro from Gemini Sound Products is a rack-mounting, 10inch (254 mm) unit equipped with a built-in 12 second digital sampler withadjustable pitch. Other features include seven inputs, a recessedcrossfader and a -26 dB cut feature for the bass, mid and high end of eachchannel.

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Loudspeakers: JBL Professional’s Venue series offers five full-rangesystems in three configurations, as well as three mid/high packages in twoconfigurations and a horn-loaded sub-bass system, with all systems fullyflyable. A digital controller is available for the series.

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Racks: The PTRK series of rolling portable racks from Middle AtlanticProducts are offered in 14- and 21-space models and house up to 500 pounds(225 kg) of components. Features include locking cushion casters andadjustable 10/32-threaded rack rails with laser-cut cable openings, as wellas front- and rear-door keylocks.

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Radio intercom: Metragen’s COM-TALK unit works up to 400 feet (122 m)through walls and floors. Intercom features include call signal, press-talkand voice-activated talk. Internal batteries provide portable operation,with fixed-point use achieved via an external adapter.

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Equalizer: The model 355 dual-channel, 31-band EQ from Applied Research andTechnology (ART) uses constant Q circuitry with a 3% center frequencyaccuracy. Other features include 20 mm center detent sliders, a selectableboost/cut range of 6 dB or 12 dB and active balanced and unbalanced inputand output connections, as well as adjustable high- and low-pass filters.

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In-ceiling loudspeakers: The R60i/c unit from a/d/s/ has a frequencyresponse of 65 Hz to 20 kHz, n3 dB. Sensitivity is 90 dB (1 W, 1 m);impedance is 4 V. It is a two-way unit with a 6.5 inch (165 mm) long-throwwoofer and a 1 inch (25 mm) soft dome tweeter. The two-way R80i/c has afrequency response of 58 Hz to 20 kHz, n3 dB, with 91 dB of sensitivity (1W, 1 m) and an impedance of 4 V. It is equipped with an 8 inch (203 mm)long-throw woofer.

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Control software: Crestron’s Videoconferencing Auto-Link (VAL) softwareconfigures Crestron control systems for videoconferencing applications. Itmay be used with Crestron’s Wizard control software, which adds A-Vequipment, cameras, documents cameras and environmental control devices innine steps.

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Loudspeaker lift: The loudspeaker lift from Auton conceals and revealsloudspeakers in the ceiling or wall with the touch of a button. Theall-steel unit comes completely assembled and mounts directly to the frameor may be used with Auton’s mounting brackets.

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Security housing: Vicon Industries’ V894CSH is a corner-mounted housingwith a built-in camera and lens. It is constructed of heavy-gauge stainlesssteel with a thick Lexan window. Three models are available, based oncamera type and lens choice.

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Audio cable: Plenum-rated, multi-pair audio cables from GEPCO Internationalare available in pair counts of four (model 6604HS), eight (6608HS) and 12(6612HS). The AWG #22 cables feature tinned copper conductors and drainsand color coding with Halar insulation. Each pair is individually shielded.

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Power distribution: ETA Systems’ PD11SP is a four-stage power up/downsequential conditioned unit featuring four preset timed delays and anoptional manual setting allowing for up to 240 seconds between intervals.It provides three levels of spike and surge protection, two stages of EMIand RFI filtering and 20 A of distributed power.

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Microphone: The ATM87R from Audio-Technica is a unidirectional condenserboundary instrument mic with a low-profile design and high-SPL capability.It may be placed in a variety of locations either in or near a kick drumand is powered via an external 48 VDC source.

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Wireless headphones: AKG Acoustics’ K 305 UHF and K 405 UHF have afrequency response of 20 Hz to 22 kHz and 20 Hz to 24 kHz, respectively,over a distance of up to 330 feet (101 m). Both models are equipped withrechargeable batteries, a built-in charging circuit and automatic mutingfeature. Operating time is ten hours for the K 305 UHF and 20 hours for theK 405 UHF.

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SVGA LCD projector: The portable PT-L555U from Panasonic delivers true800x600 SVGA resolution, a brightness of 450 ANSI lumens andmore than 85%brightness uniformity. It features a built-in PCMCIA memory card system,backlit wireless remote control, front- and rear-projection capabilitiesand compatibility with most video signals.

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Installer’s suppliesWiring product: Taperwire’s 212WT is an AWG #12 wire flat enough to be usedunder floor coverings or on walls. It is designed for high-powerloudspeaker systems and low-voltage lighting. Taperwire is manufacturedwith polyester tape and can be painted or wallpapered.

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Cable stretcher: The Cable Stretcher from TecNec drives and equalizes cableruns up to 300 feet (91 m) without serious chroma and amplitude losses. Itgets its power from the actual cable it’s connected to, from an externalpower supply (included) or from a 12 VDC battery (not included). Sevenmodels are available in multicore configurations.

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Flux removers: Chemtronics’ Flux-Off Heavy Duty removes encrusted no-cleanand rosin flux. Flux-Off Aqueous cleans water-soluble, no-clean and rosinfluxes and is designed for use in ultrasonic and in-line cleaners. Bothproducts are nonflammable, ozone safe and CFC and HCFC free.

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Power-distribution strips: The ClipStrip series from SL Waber incorporatesuniversal spring steel mounting clips that slide into place on racks orenclosures. Strips are rated to 20 A, 125 VAC to 250 VAC and offercircuit-breaker protection. They come in standard lengths up to 8 feet (2.4m), with various custom options available.

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Wire-measurement tool: Jensen Tools’ Wire Cap electrical test probepenetrates insulation of any wire from AWG #30 to 0.5 inch (13 mm)diameter. Features include adjustable pressure control and an 8 inch (203mm) probe length.

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BNC toggle switch attenuator: The RFA-4056-03 model 50 V attenuator from RFConnectors has an attenuation range of 0 dB to 31 dB in 1 dB steps and afrequency range of DC to 1,000 MHz. Attenuation accuracy is n0.2 dB perstep at DC to 500 MHz and n0.3 dB per step at 501 MHz to 1,000 MHz.

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PublicationsCCTV brochure: Toshiba’s eight-page brochure provides in-depth productdescriptions of the company’s full line of video surveillance cameras,timelapse recorders and monitors.

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Systems software: OpenAXCESS 1.0 software from AMX is a Windows ’95/NTapplication for AMX systems setup, diagnostics and testing. Designed as acompanion software for AMX’s AXCENT3 product line, it is available fordownloading from the company’s BBS or Internet site at

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Application guide: The latest installment in a series of ApplicationSupport Guides is available from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW), focusing onsound-system design issues related to nightclubs. It includes severalsuggested design approaches, graphic illustrations and a wide range ofpotential applications.

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Catalog: Fluke’s 16-page, full-line catalog of data acquisition hardwareand software products provides complete descriptions of features andspecifications for the Hydra Series II, Wireless Logger and NetDAQ models.

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Seminar video: The Array seminar video is available from EVI Audio. The45-minute document, filmed in the EVI Audio demo room, featurespresentations by industry consultants on the subject of loudspeaker arrays.

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Equipment catalog: A 138-page catalog from Hub Material Company (HMC)offers a detailed, fully illustrated guide of technical supplies used forthe design, assembly, test and repair of electronic equipment.

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Reference: Widescreen Review has published the second in a series ofspecial editions, Imaging Science Theatre 2000. The 300+ page publicationfeatures technical articles by Joe Kane, all related to video and theoptimization of picture quality.

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Products guide: The Broadcast Products Guide from Trompeter Electronicsincludes 28 pages of detailed information and selection charts on patchjacks and patching accessories, standard and ccustom panels, connectors andcable assemblies.

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Instructional video: Atlantic Audio Systems’ Understanding Sound Systemscovers the basic principles of sound and sound system design, installationand operation. Topics covered include understanding mics, loudspeakerdesign and layout and sound system troubleshooting. The video is one hourand 48 minutes in length.

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Industry report: The ninth edition of The Video Industry Statistical Reportis available from Corbell Publishing. The 100+ page reference covers thevideo industry statistics for 1997, as well as incorporating futureforecasts and projections. It is designed for executives who need videohardware and software statistics available at their fingertips.

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