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A Note from the Publisher

Those who received the first issue of S&VC might recall reading then-publisher Cam Bishop's letter introducing the magazine, which described the reasons

A Note from the Publisher

Sep 1, 2003 12:00 PM,
John Pledger

Those who received the first issue of S&VC might recall reading then-publisher Cam Bishop’s letter introducing the magazine, which described the reasons why the industry needed an informational trade book dedicated to the needs of the commercial installation professional.

At that time, Bishop did a pretty good job of defining the logic behind launching S&VC and describing the market segments it would serve. To his credit, much of what he outlined then is still relevant today.

One paragraph Bishop wrote 20 years ago sums up the most important aspect of S&VC:

“As with all other magazines at Intertec, the publishing philosophy remains the same — especially in the area of staff. That is, we recruit the best and bring in editors with a broad base of experience who are well seasoned in their fields of specialization. Our full-time staff, including the editorial director, editor, and five support editors, has years of hands-on field experience in electronics, audio, radio, video, contracting, engineering, or any combinations thereof. Plus most have advanced degrees.”

In that regard, more so than any other magazine that purports to serve this industry segment, we have continued to remain true and consistent.

This is true because the readers tell us this with every issue. You are the ones who give S&VC the largest and most frequently qualified circulation, enduring the pain of requalifying every year. Sometimes we can be as relentless as the IRS, but rather than lose your subscription, you step up and complete those forms, year after year. You consistently respond to our annual surveys. You’re the industry’s only magazine subscriber group that is asked to do this, so you provide the crucial marketing information so necessary to the manufacturers whose products drive the industry.

For that tireless help and patience, everyone at S&VC thanks you. It’s much appreciated.

We’ve changed a few things with this special anniversary issue of S&VC. With that in mind, I’ll use one more quote from Bishop’s original letter (with a bit of paraphrasing):

“With this as a background, we invite you to read and continue enjoying the premiere redesigned issue of S&VC.”

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