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November 2011

November 2011

Tech Showcases

Signal Distribution Tech Showcase

by Mike Keadle

No matter the AV system, all share one fundamental requirement: We must be able to route the signal from its source to its destination….

Conference Microphones Tech Showcase

by Bennett Liles

The conference systems and microphones we focus on here, many also known as discussion systems, include the latest features for quick setup, reliable performance, and simple operation by non-techies….

Columns & Features

Kevin Gross on the AES X192 Interoperability Standard

By Cynthia Wisehart

I just talked to Kevin Gross. He’s the guy who’s doing the heavy lifting on the AES X192 interoperability standard. …

Fiber Fundamentals

By Bennett Liles

So many forces are driving the fiber market up that its rapid rise threatens to outpace the general understanding of its basic workings on the part of…

Cloud Computing

By Mark Mayfield

Is AV going to the cloud? It depends on whom you ask. …

Smart Building Technologies Basics

Provided by InfoComm International

AV professionals are now turning their attention to smart building technologies (SBT), a growing force within the design and construction industries that, once again, requires a strong AV industry presence….

Smart Analog

By Steven Swift

How do you cost-justify a complete remodeling of a federal facility in these days of trilliondollar deficits? You count your pennies and make sure every penny you spend gives you two cents worth of value. …

Evaluating Control Options

By Patrick Barron

There has been much discussion and commentary about the subject of AV and IT convergence and how the use of IP has migrated over to the world of AV and control systems….

Sound at The Studio, Part 1

With Bennett Liles

One of the most popular venues around is The Studio at Hamilton Place, Ontario with shows ranging from commencement ceremonies to rock concerts, and sometimes it involves a very quick turn around with mobile stage and flexible layout. Steve Foster is interviewed….

Sound at The Studio, Part 2

with Bennett Liles

Steve Foster at The Studio at Hamilton Place, Ontario….

AV Revitalization of Texas Music Theater, Part 1

with Bennett Liles

We talk with Gray Gregson, head of production, film, and recording at the Texas Music Theater….

AV Revitalization of Texas Music Theater, Part 2

with Bennett Liles

We talk with Gray Gregson, head of production, film, and recording at the Texas Music Theater….

The Buzz

Case Study: Presentation Displays for Live Event

Digital display innovator Prysm announced that the company’s Digital Mannequin displays were selected to enhance the Honeywell Aerospace inbooth experience during the 2011 National Business Aviation Association Annual Meeting & Conference….

SnapAV Surveillance Apps

SnapAV has entered the surveillance category. SnapAV’s Wirepath Surveillance line-up consists of eight cameras and three digital video recorders with free supporting iPhone and Android apps….

Establishing Needed Connections

Establishing needed connections and other news from CEDIA for November 2011….

InfoComm International Forms Independent Technical Service Providers Council

InfoComm International forms independent technical service providers council and other news from InfoComm for November 2011….

Adapt. Evolve. Compete.

NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference and other NSCA news from November 2011….

New Products


An in-ear monitor from AKG….

Crimson AV VersaFit In-Wall Mounting System

An in-wall mounting system from Crimson AV….

Gefen Mini Pattern Signal Generator

A signal generator from Gefen….

Hitachi America CP-X3021WN and CP-X2521WN

Projectors from Hitachi….

StrandVision Digital Signage Screen Saver

A screen saver from StrandVision Digital Signage….

Middle Atlantic RackLink

A power management product from Middle Atlantic….

Dan Dugan Sound Design Dugan Model E-3

An automatic mixing controller from Dan Dugan Sound Design….

Alcorn McBride LightCue with Ethernet

A lighting console from Alcorn McBride….

Christie J Series

A projector from Christie….

IOGEAR Wireless 3D Digital Kit

A wireless 3D digital kit from IOGEAR….

Mitsubishi MDT551S

A display from Mitsubishi….

Imerge MS1-3D

A media server from Imerge….

Prysm Laser Phosphor Displays

A laser phosphor display from Prysm….

DPA Microphones d:fine

A headset microphone from DPA….

HK Audio SoundCaddy One

A line array/woofer combo from HK Audio….

Community Professional Loudspeakers DS5, DS8, DS8SUB

Ceiling loudspeakers from Community….

Gepco International RunONE

A powered speaker cable from Gepco….

Kramer Electronics SPK-CCF848 ESD

A ceiling speaker from Kramer….

Symetrix Solus 16

A DSP from Symetrix….

Wowza Media Systems Wowza Media Server 3

A media server from Wowza….

projectiondesign F35 AS3D

A projector from projectiondesign….

JVC VR-X1600U and VR-X3200U

A network video recorder from JVC….

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